RefAnnBib 2: Covid violations in the midst of the pandemic

Part 1:

Weiss, Ben. “Five North Brooklyn Restaurants Charged with COVID Violations.” Greenpointers, 10 Aug. 2020,

Part 2:

Author: Ben Weiss

  • Founder and CEO of Bai Brands 2009-2017
  • Found of Crook & Marker 2018-Present
  • Author of the book, Basementality

Source: Greenpointers

  • Since 2007, resource for covering all things in North Brooklyn
  • Hyperlocal resource
  • events, food, culture, news, politics, and more,
  • “Greenpointers is committed to delivering news when it is most critical.”


The article interested me since it covered stories of five restaurants in the same area all being charged with COVID violations and also compares these violations to others in Queens. Also describes tactics being used to find places that are violating regulations.

Part 3: Precis

Five of these restaurants all joined the 438 other bars and restaurants also being charged and fined in NYC. The restaurant Cerveceria was caught violating regulations by introducing outdoor dining before the city allowed this. Carmines Pizzeria was charged since “employees were not properly wearing masks on June 26.” They were forced to pay a fine of $2,000 but “plans to challenge the charges in court.” Government taxes are also being used such as the city “assigned 40 state workers to act as undercover ‘spies’ in New York City” to enforce these regulations.

Part 4:

An important factor we should take into account when reading the article is the time of year it was written which is June 30, 2020, when COVID-19 cases began to rise again, and many big companies were pushing back their reopening date. However, many of these smaller restaurants began to discreetly try to allow dining a source of income during those difficult times or did a poor job of following these regulations. These restaurants were charged with at least a fine of $1,500 and overall putting them in a worse position than they were before. They describe Governor Cuomo as abusing the power he has. Some of these restaurants have to deal with the fine while others may want to take it to court. Restaurants also have to be careful since the city has several undercover spies going into restaurants as a normal customer.

Part 5:

  • “The governor has also assigned 40 state workers to act as undercover ‘spies’ in New York City to uncover violations of social-distancing rules.”
  • “They’re tedious, pick-and-choose violations,” he said. “They’re crucifying the businesses.”
  • “We have the ax. We rule. We chop your head off,” he said. “That’s the attitude of Cuomo.”
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One thought on “RefAnnBib 2: Covid violations in the midst of the pandemic

  1. Hey Jack! I think this is a crucial source you’ve chosen that proves how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted several people, specifically small businesses. I’ve also read your first RefAnnBib and I think this is an improvement to narrowing your research argument. I know I’m not in your assigned writing group on Discord so I don’t know where you aim to focus on in the topic of Covid-19, however from what I’m reading, I’m thinking that you plan to write on how people have been viewing this pandemic. Like these sources you’ve chosen, this one explains the consequences of a small business who didn’t comply with Gov. Cuomo’s restaurant restrictions, where as the previous RefAnnBib speaks about the irresponsible acts taken place at a birthday party and wedding. I could be wrong about this though haha, but to narrow your thesis even further is to possibly focus on incidents that take place in New York. And to give some more ideas for research, maybe you could find a case where the irresponsible acts of one New Yorker has lead another to catch the coronavirus and caused a great misfortune to that person and/or their family. This is just an emotional piece of evidence that can be used to support your thesis.

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