Bibliography Entry:  Chris Woodford “Land Pollution?” .April 22, 2020.

Background and Credibility of Author & Source: Chris Woodford is a science writer and writes all articles on Explain that Stuff. He written lots of books on science and technology. He also work as a consultant and science adviser on other people’s books.

Précis: In the article, Chris Woodford introduces land pollution and what is a land pollution. He also say the causes of land pollution and the effects of land pollution. He talks about why land pollution matters and how to solve this problem of land pollution. 

Reflection: This article talks a lot of land pollution. It have lots of details of land pollution. It has lots of details of cause and effects. The article introduces what is a land pollution. I’m planning to include what is a land pollution and put some cause and effects of land pollution for my research paper.

Quotables:  “We can define land pollution either narrowly or broadly. Narrowly defined, it’s another term for soil contamination (for example, by factory chemicals or sewage and other wastewater). In this article, we’ll define it more widely to include garbage and industrial waste, agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, impacts from mining and other forms of industry, the unwanted consequences of urbanization, and the systematic destruction of soil through over-intensive agriculture; we’ll take land pollution to mean any kind of long-term land damage, destruction, degradation, or loss.”

“There are many different ways of permanently changing the land, from soil contamination (poisoning by chemicals or waste) to general urbanization (the systematic creation of cities and other human settlements from greenfield, virgin land). ”


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