Research Paper Revision Process

When it came to answering the question about the possible futures of my topic, climate change, I found that I had to constantly go back and forth between my paper and multiple databases in order to find evidence to support my new claims. As such, I found myself more capable of fluently implementing pieces of evidence without ruining the overall flow of my sentences.

Additionally, I made it a focus for this paper specifically to ensure that each of my paragraphs had a reason for being there and fit in with my thesis, resulting in a lot of typing and backspacing in order to fit these criteria.

Since this research paper is the longest assignment I had ever done for this class, I figured that an outline was absolutely necessary. As such, I made an extensive outline that road mapped my thought processes and linked together ideas that I could easily transition through in my essay. This outline made my life so much easier because instead of typing on my actual essay document, which is full of lines and words that honestly just confuse me and ruin my thoughts, I was able to break down each paragraph bit-by-bit with no confusion.

With this, I was able to create fluency in my writing, first by introducing the issue of climate change, then its effects on our world and communities, and finally what people are doing to combat it.  Throughout this I was able to answer the question on the possible futures of climate change, which depends on society’s combined efforts to fight against it.

4 thoughts on “Research Paper Revision Process

  1. Hi Nicholas,
    I completely agree that outlining was super important for me to organize my thoughts for this paper. Not only did it keep my evidence and main ideas all together, but I think it kept my writing smooth like you said. However, I am still struggling with transitions. I think you chose a really relevant topic, and that you made a great point about how its an issue that involves humanity looking to the future.

  2. I completely relate to what you said about how the outline helped you craft a well-structured paper. For me, the outline was also essential since the style of a research paper is to be concise, analytical and properly structured.

  3. I also had to go back and forth constantly to find importantinformation, so I understand what you are going through. Just like you pointed out this experience made us more adept in putting together useful information in order to create an entire essay. Usually, I have useless paragraphs, but for this essay I have been trying to include only relevant and important information with the evidence to back it up. I wish I had made an outline to help me through this process because there’s just too much information. But Overall, I congratulate you in creating fluency throughout your writing.

  4. I agree that an outline would make this longer essay a better process since there are so many topics to touch on in a research paper. I did this by separating four main points I made sure to fully explain my topic since I had a more broad topic that has many different parts I could discuss.

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