Revising My Messy Rhetorical Analysis

The revision process for my Rhetorical Analysis was a lengthy one. Although I did not completely rewrite my paper, I may as well have started over completely. My first task was addressing the vagueness and indirect statements in my paper. Many statements I made, like, “The rhetorical situation of, “Vantage,” is America in the 1960s,” were terrible. First of all, the rhetorical situation is not America in the 1960s, it is America today. Also, I was really talking about the historical context of the text. Also, the statement is just too simple and wrong. Statements like these I adjusted to be true and precise. Another problem I needed to address was the way I formatted quotes from, “Vantage.” I centered the quotes rather than properly using slashes. This still has room for improvement in the fact that I am unsure if I cited them correctly. I also added a works cited page which was missing prior. One of the most noticeable changes was my argument. I did not really have one in my rough draft, so I played around with different options and landed on one I liked. Then I needed to link the argument to each body paragraph and explain the methods of each author. I also directly linked each article together as if they were one. I discussed the contrast in their ideas and linked them together in a way. One thing I believe I can improve on is removing some of the historical context of, “Vantage.” It feels like this section stretches out too much. The changes I made to my conclusion does a better job at relating back to my argument and summarizing the important parts of the paper. I believe there is still improvements to be made regarding the clarity and organization of my paper. I am unsure if it is in a logical layout. Overall, I spent a lot of time revising my paper and this is seen through the sheer differences when you compare it to the rough draft. Sending Zach a DM on Discord with some questions really allowed me to hone in on my argument and ideas. He gave some great feedback to important questions that pushed me in the right direction in the revision process. For the future, I plan to look at the feedback from this piece when it is returned. Then to dive in again and revise my errors and improve the paper.

3 thoughts on “Revising My Messy Rhetorical Analysis

  1. Precision was something that was pointed out to me during the revision process as well. A good way to be more precise in your essay is by putting what is on your mind onto the paper. So many times I didn’t type something in because I thought it would be repetitive when instead it adds precision and a clear point to the reader. I also struggled with finding a clear and organized essay format on my initial draft and speaking with Zach gave me great insight into the purpose of this essay, which helped me create a better essay format.

  2. I can definitely relate to your struggle with stretching out the context of the articles rather than focusing on developing an argument throughout the piece. Since we’re used to providing background information every time we write a piece, it can be hard to focus on the leveraging of genre conventions of an article and how the author sends a message instead of focusing on the context of the article itself. I also agree with how I tend to normally put off writing a conclusion but they are very powerful and help restate your best claims and arguments throughout your piece.

  3. I also used Vantage for my piece. I felt like there was enough content there to be able to pull rhetorical devices from and explain them thoroughly. I too forgot to format the quotes I used from that text properly. That is something new I learnt in this class. Also, I can relate to you where you needed to connect your texts. I tried to connect the two but that was a lot harder than I expected. I had an idea of how I would connect the two in my head but I am still unsure if they came together. However, I did have an argument to connect it to. It was just a matter of connecting the two to that overall theme. One thing that I didn’t do which might have been helpful was attend office hours. I might do that this time around.

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