Rhetorical Analysis Writer’s Letter

This writing assignment was a more challenging assignment I am not familiar with.  When I begin writing an essay based on an outside source I tend to provide the content of the source to the best of my ability. However, in this assignment, our main focus was the genre conventions and rhetorical devices being used to portray this message. This assignment made me look at these sources from a different perspective. Although at first I was stuck on giving information on the content, I was finally able to realize the true goal of this assignment which was to describe ways in which the authors used genre conventions to their advantage to send a message to the reader. Once I figured this out, I was able to frame my paragraphs to discuss the literacy genres instead of the content of the sources. I was also able to explain the different rhetorical devices being used by the authors and what their intentions were using them.  This also helped me get rid of any extra information that was not necessary for developing my argument. Attending several office hours also helped guide me in the right direction to continue developing my argument. Also making an appointment at the writing center also helped me realize the bigger picture of the essay and the specific things I needed to focus on in my writing such as framing my paragraphs. This also helped me fully understand what “leveraging genre conventions” actually meant in the context of both articles.  This assignment will help me look at articles from different perspectives in the future and understand the reason behind the choices the authors make.

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