Rhetorical Artifact Analysis

The artifact I chose to analyze was from BBC Future titled “A pill could replace exercise – but there are some downsides”


The author keeps this article short and to the point which suits the situation. This article touches on the idea of a pill that could possibly be able to be used in the future instead of actually going to the gym. “Some of us just can’t find the time or willpower for exercise.” is the first sentence fo the article that the reader is exposed to. By using this sentence, many of the readers are able to relate to a certain extent which makes the reader more eager to read on about this “magical pill” that can possibly solve their issues.

As the article progresses, the author brings light to the fact that instead of substituting a workout at a gym with a pill, the pill will become a drug used to enhance and get more out of a workout. Short questions are asked throughout, that the reader would have while reading this article. Questions such as “How do the drugs work?” In this way the author introduces doubt to the idea fo this pill. While this idea of this pill sounds very intriguing, there are many knowledge gaps that have yet to be filled. The author asks questions such as “Will human cells work the same way?” questioning the integrity of the research and what has yet to be done.

At the end, the article is concluded with further videos and information from doctors to promote the author’s ethos on the subject and allow for the reader to realize the lack of knowledge within this pill idea and all the things that it might not be able to do. This serves as a way to end off the author’s thoughts about this concept and encourages the reader to do more research themselves to also agree and realize that it might be a long time before a pill like this comes to reality.

5 thoughts on “Rhetorical Artifact Analysis

  1. I found this article interesting was also going to analyze this since it provides a solution to people who have certain health conditions such as obesity. I agree that the short questions throughout the video help the reader understand and are essential for a topic like this since it is such a bizarre idea to think that you can receive the same benefits of exercising without having to move a muscle. However, at the end he does state how this experience is very different from physical workout since we will not have the psychological effects of regular exercise.

  2. Hi, Olivia. I also found this article to be very intriguing, especially since many of us yearn for that perfect “summer body” without putting in much effort. However, this pill is so novel that its side effects have yet to be determined. Like you mentioned, there are many gaps regarding the knowledge of these pills. One could entail how this pill will influence the different body types. This pill is not like a tablet that is taken to alleviate cold symptoms. From my understanding of the article and video, this exercise pill may alter certain hormone levels, which may cause variable difficulties with prolonged use. All in all, I agree with the fact that readers should do more research and question if this pill will be beneficial in the long run.

  3. Replacing exercise with a pill would be amazing! I agree with you that the author’s choice to start with the sentence, “Some of us just can’t find the time or willpower for exercise” had a clear impact on the reader. That choice was deliberate so that the reader would hopefully relate to it and take more interest and continue to read on to find out more. It is always a good idea to try to relate to your reader when you are writing something. It establishes a form of connection to the reader that will engage them further into the text. As you mentioned, there is still a doubt as to whether or not this pill will work on humans. However, it will be interesting to see what researchers come up with.

  4. Hey Olivia! This article brought up a lot of interesting points and made me want to do more research when I finished reading. I agree with how you pointed out that the first sentence of the article is relatable to its readers to a certain extent, by making them think about the pill and about the benefits that it may hold on their lives and its effectiveness. In your reflection, you also pointed out how the article states that the pill would not necessarily substitute a workout at the gym, but enhance one to get more out of a workout. This point really made me question how this would be possible and left me wondering how the pill really works.

  5. Hey Olivia, I think we all agree with the fact that a pill would be amazing to put us into shape versus having to go to the gym and taing out of the day in order to get into shape. I like the fact that you included a quote from the first paragraph of the artucle because this gives us an ide of what the author is going to talk about in the rest of the article but as well as an understanding of what the author does to grab our attention in order for us to continue reading his or her article

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