Rhetorical Artifact Analysis

I chose the article, “Does mankind need to get serious about global threats?”


This article discusses whether or not we are prepared for another pandemic or another global disaster. The author, Laurie Garrett,  does not think that we are prepared at all due to the responses to previous outbreaks by the government and health officials. This article was written in 2014 way before the coronavirus pandemic so it references other pandemics that were going on at the time. For example, the HIV pandemic. HIV was first recognized as a pandemic in the 1970s. In the video, Garrett notes that people are fearful when the disease is new but then disregard it as time goes on. They don’t pay as much attention to it as when it first came around. In the 1970s, it was a major deal but now, even though people still continue to be diagnosed and are battling HIV, many people have disregarded it.

We still continue to forget about ongoing pandemic because there are new things that pop up. For example, the coronavirus came as a complete surprise to us. Prior to the pandemic, a lot of awareness was raised on the issue of climate change. That issue was brought to the attention of the government. But in early 2020, we were hit with the coronavirus pandemic that shifted our attention from climate change related issues to medical related research. The coronavirus was unknown to us and time, effort, and money needed to be spent on combating this issue that was deadly to us humans.

Garrett points out that the answer all lies within the government. Their job is to ensure the well-being of their nation. With that being said, they need to find some sort of way to identify threats in the world and somehow fix them while dealing with political and economic issues in the 21st century.  She is trying to say that they should be aware of all of the issues so that they can try their best to take care of them before they run out of time.

One thought on “Rhetorical Artifact Analysis

  1. I think you bring up a good point with the reactions to the pandemics over the years, and societies reactions to them. I like how you referenced the climate change issue that was brought up in late September and how the attention to that shifted to COVID-19 and how it completely shifted our lives. Even now, as it’s been 7 months into the pandemic, people forget about how it still is an issue, specifically in New York when things started to get better, more and more people stopped social distancing and then cases started to spike just last week. Bringing up her point about the government being the answer, I completely agree. Their job is to protect the people, which is why I believe the pandemic got as bad as it did in the States. If they had talked about the true severity of COVID-19 from the beginning, perhaps we would have been able to handle it better than we did.

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