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Bibliography Entry:Jerry A. Nathanson. “Land pollution”.

Background and Credibility of Author & Source: Jerry A. Nathanson is a professor of Engineering, Union County College, Cranford, New Jersey and the author of Basic Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste Disposal, and Pollution Control.

Précis:  In the article, Jerry A. Nathanson starts defining what is a land pollution. Then describing the causes that affect the land pollution. Jerry A. Nathanson explains the how the waste causes the land pollution.

Reflection: This article talks about how the waste cause the land pollution. The waste materials were coming from different places such as trash from home. The article talks about how wastes can be harmful and dangerous like Hazardous wastes. I want to add some details of different kind of waste for my research paper so i can talk about how land pollution was created.

Quotables: “Hazardous waste differs from MSW and C&D debris in both form and behaviour. Its disposal requires special attention because it can cause serious illnesses or injuries and can pose immediate and significant threats to environmental quality. “

“The waste materials that cause land pollution are broadly classified as municipal solid waste (MSW, also called municipal refuse), construction and demolition (C&D) waste or debris, and hazardous waste. MSW includes nonhazardous garbage, rubbish, and trash from homes, institutions (e.g., schools), commercial establishments, and industrial facilities. Garbage contains moist and decomposable (biodegradable) food wastes (e.g., meat and vegetable scraps); rubbish comprises mostly dry materials such as paperglasstextiles, and plastic objects; and trash includes bulky waste materials and objects that are not collected routinely for disposal (e.g., discarded mattresses, appliances, pieces of furniture). ”


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3 thoughts on “Second RefAnnBib

  1. Hi Amy,

    The article you chose certainly pertains to the topic of your choice. I do feel however you can certainly narrow down your focus by categorizing the different wastes into groups so that way the outcome of your paper won’t feel/be repetitive. Overall, great research article and relevancy.

  2. Hi Amy, you did great on the analysis of the source. Since the article you have analyzed focuses on land pollution, you can narrow your idea by focus on what kind of waste has a significant impact on contaminated land.

  3. Hey Amy, this seems like a good source that provides general information about land pollution so that your audience could have an understanding about what it is. You might want to consider specifying what exactly the effects of land pollution are for your next source. Including statistics from reputable authors and sources might be helpful in this case. Using logos would help boost your argument and credibility.

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