Second Reflective Annotated Bibliography

Part 1: Bibliographic Entry

Rana, Junaid. “Eric Love. Islamophobia and Racism in America.” ReOrient, vol. 3, no. 2, 2018, p. 227+. Gale Academic OneFile

Part 2: Background & Credibility of Author & Source 

Junaid Rana, author of “Eric Love. Islamophobia and Racism in America,” is someone who is deemed to be very credible and influential. Juniad Rana, being an anthropologist, is known for his writing about global capitalism, racism, and most significantly, social protest movements. He is also a well-known professor of Asian American Studies, as well as the author of many useful books regarding the occurrence of racism that Muslims often encounter.

The reason for choosing this source is because the content once again is very insightful as it adheres to the influential topic which will be discussed later on in the form of an argumentative essay. It also takes into account the approach of the world where these hateful groups are present and the political reasons as to why they aren’t diminished. 

Part 3: Précis

Prevalent in the article, the primary claim that author Junaid Rana is making pertains to the development of hateful groups targeted towards Muslims. The author makes it known that anti-Muslim practices have been around for centuries and it was only heightened in recent years. He also believes that racism among Muslims will remain as it is without change, all for political interests. While he makes it aware to this audience that it is wrong, unfortunately it is a justification for war which the author refers to as “War on Terror.” 

Part 4: Reflection

With the article being published rather recently in the Spring of 2018, it is still a topic of controversy. The challenge of diagnosing and addressing anti-Muslim groups which is mentioned in the article, is an issue still prevalent today. The main concern with such a sensitive form of racism, is the way to approach it. How can years of racism and prejudice be reversed? Will people ever realize that racism on Muslims spiked as a result of a terrorist attack that innocent people had no involvement in? My questions continue to raise with articles such as this one as the main challenge and issues remain unapproachable. 

Part 5: Quotables

“Similarly, the problem of anti-Muslim racism shows no sign of dissipating any time soon. In the common parlance of the anti-racist, “Islamophobia” is the ability to turn the terms Islam and Muslim into anti-modern ideologies that frame bodies as racial objects and dehumanize people.” (1)

Anti-Muslim racism represents such a figure that enacts numerous structures of power that intersect with other forms of racial dominance, such as anti-black and anti-immigrant racism, alongside eliminatory narratives of genocide.” (1)

“From the perspective of theories of social justice organizing, such anti-Muslim practice is central to racism. Islam and Muslims are widespread racial figures that serve the purpose of an ongoing global “War on Terror.” (1)

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