Second Writer’s Letter

Writing a rhetorical analysis was surprisingly more difficult to write than a literacy narrative. Despite the fact that an analysis is more limited than a narrative, it seemed like there was an overwhelming amount of possible mistakes to be made and things to address. I’m a lot less confident about this essay, but I’m grateful to be done with it for now.

While I knew what my argument was, it was challenging to put it into words so I feel like they were not as strong as they would be even with revision.  I also had a hard time supporting my argument without direct textual evidence. It was also stressful to find an appropriate balance of context instead of summary.

Personally, reading other people’s rhetorical analyses was more insightful than directly receiving feedback.  Other essays informed me that my argument was not supported strong enough and that I had more work to do. I think Office Hours would have helped me even further. Unfortunately this unit I was not able to attend one because there was a lot of things going on. Hopefully after I receive my initial grade I’ll be able to get some direction on how to improve.

While this paper was difficult to write it , I’m happy I got an opportunity to write about books and a topic that I really enjoyed. Looking at them through a different light was insightful and interesting. Even if I choose another topic for my research paper, this assignment has gotten me used to using evidence.

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