Stasis Theory

  • Question of Fact:


  • People support or oppose marijuana legalization for a variety of reasons. (This essay would describe the different reasons people want or do not want marijuana to be legalized.)
  • Question of Definition:


  • Marijuana legalization would transform the legal system. (This essay would describe how marijuana legalization would change the legal system.)


  • Question of Cause:


  • Marijuana should be legalized in order to undo the wrongful imprisonment that stems from systematic oppression. (This essay would explain how marijuana legalization is related to systematic oppression and mass incarceration.)
  • Question of Value:


  • Legalizing marijuana would be a step towards fixing the justice system. (This essay would analyze how marijuana would change the legal system.)


  • Question of Policy:


  • Should marijuana be legalized? (This essay would analyze the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.)

2 thoughts on “Stasis Theory

  1. Hey Christi! You bring up a really good point about how legalizing marijuana will prevent wrongful arrests and it would be a step forward to fixing the justice system; I didn’t think of it like that.

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