Stasis Theory: An Act to Dismantle Capitalism

Question of Fact: Divisions in the working class through race have had a lasting impact in the subsequent racial struggles and social values in the United States. It is these racial struggles and injustices that render capitalism coherent, causing a widening gap between the rich and poor.

Question of Definition: Capitalism as a system is made up by distinctive classes that divide the working class, amplifying today’s view of economic inequality and racial tensions, through an animosity between workers and the capitalists.

Question of Cause: The ultimate exploitation of the working class and the economic tensions are causes of capitalism. Thus, the existence of race, as well as white supremacy and privilege are direct outcomes of the capitalist system. 

Question of Value: Capitalism has resulted in severe wealth inequality that has been ingrained in our society; we, as humans, are dependent on a capitalist nature to obtain more profit, yet in reality, this only benefits those who own means of production. In regards to the future, there may not even be a possibility to improve this creation of a system, unless we dismantle it from the whole front, which in truth be told, seems highly unlikely. Considering the emphasis of BLM, looting has been intended to lash out against capitalism that has perpetuated racism. 

Question of Policy: In order to dismantle (or in a sense, “improve”) capitalism, you would have to eliminate the policies that endorse the inequalities regarding wealth and racism.

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