Stasis Theory Worksheet

Alicia Motiram

  • Question of Fact: Severe instances of racism occur in the world today, despite the history of such events. (This essay will aim towards the goal of spreading facts and instances of real-life events when issues regarding racism are prevalent.)
  • Question of Definition: In 2018, 88% of police stops involved those from Black and Latin origins. (This essay will focus on statistics and factual evidence to support the chosen topic.)
  • Question of Cause: More protests and peaceful protests where people of all races are united, will ignite the change deserved. History will be used as an example that what is being fought for today, were most likely already fought for throughout history. (This essay will focus on past events where subject matters regarding race were already issues being brought up and were never resolved, why is it happening again? What is the meaning or coincidence if any, behind this reoccurrence?)
  • Question of Value: As humans, everyone is born into the same rights in America. The color of one’s skin should never depreciate the fact that they are equal and have the same rights as anyone else. (This essay will focus on emotion to seek compassion from readers. Also, for readers to gain a sense of understanding.)
  • Question of Policy: Police brutality and the fact that Black individuals are six times more likely to be arrested for drug use at similar rates. (This essay will focus on previous studies conducted to portray such mistreatments and unfairness.)

One thought on “Stasis Theory Worksheet

  1. Hey Alicia. This is a great start! It seems like you have good stats on the issue. It looks like you are heading towards the direction of how racism plays a role in police brutality since you mentioned it in the question of definition and the question of policy. The only thing I would add to your question of policy is how can we fix this problem going into the future. What should be done? You might have said it in your question of cause where you mention protesting. For question of value, I like what you plan to include in your essay. You definitely want to appeal to your readers’ emotions, so pathos is a good technique to use.

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