Stasis Theory Worksheet: The Harm of Social Media and Idolizing Celebrities

Question of Fact: Social media has a negative effect on mental health. (This essay will cite studies that prove the negative effects social media has on mental health as well as facts and statistics.)

Question of Definition: More use of social media leads to higher cases in anxiety and other conditions like depression. (This essay will focus on issues like anxiety and depression and their relation to social media usage.)

Question of Cause: Advancements in technology and the internet led to a higher use of social media. Due to more accessibility of social media, people live inside of it which causes anxiety and depression. (This paper will show the direct correlation between social media usage and cases of anxiety and depression.)

Question of Value: Too much social media is bad for someone. It can harm their mental health if not regulated. (This paper will talk about people’s obsession over social media and other people’s lives. Furthermore how this obsession and addiction leads to a damaging effect on mental health.)

Question of Policy: People should inform themselves on the negative effects of social media and do other things like exercising. (This paper will talk about how people should learn about the harm that too much social media does. It will talk about other effective and useful ways to get off of social media.)

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