The Journey to Self-Efficacy Through a Writer’s Perspective

During the year of 2021, I have flourished in terms of intellect and am able to conjure eloquent sentences without having to overthink about choosing the right words. Undoubtedly, analyzing literature and writing fictional pieces require a reservoir of information on the English language and complex syntax; I have obtained a large fraction of that reservoir through rigorous practice and by taking advantage of any opportunities that came by. Such opportunities included using Hypothesis to hone my detail-oriented mindset, as well as meeting with my professors and gaining insightful advice.

Another routine that I practiced often was to constantly write, whether it be an analysis of a character’s cognition or short but bizarre fictional scenarios. To this day, I push forward in order to pursue a major goal- effectively working on a story that I created- the task had only been daunting because I had little faith in my abilities in the past year. It is thanks to my professors, peers, and colleagues who have guided me throughout my first year of college and beyond that I have a clear path to achieving my goal.

The story that I have fabricated so far occurs in an alternate fantastical world where the protagonist goes on a coming-of-age journey whilst exploring outlandish realms. Cursed with a destiny that will lead to supposed greatness, the hero finds his place alongside friends that unconditionally love him and help him reach self-actualization. The characters of this tale were inspired by extremely brilliant and awe-inspiring people that I have known. These confidants of mine have conquered their obstacles in such astute ways that I feel compelled to recreate their stories by developing the arc of equally lovable characters while expressing the importance of humanism.

While the future may seem unclear, the one goal that I will always have in mind is to keep moving forward.

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