Writer’s Letter #2 – Reflection on Revision Process

Embarking on the revision process for my rhetorical analysis project was certainly a challenge. Although my draft consisted of logical points and ideas, it was nowhere near completion which I was aware of. As previously mentioned in the last writer’s letter of mine, the insights given to me by my peers were truly useful and applicable. The commentary of my classmates also boost my confidence in writing as their comments are encouraging. In my draft, while my points were clear and easily recognizable, I felt as if they weren’t solid enough. This is when I decided to remove several portions of my writing to construct fresh thoughts that were well-grounded enough to support my argumentative focus. Furthermore, a significant piece of feedback I received from peer review was the lack of direct quotes or textual evidence. After precisely finding appropriate placements to arrange these analytical claims and then integrate them, I was successfully able to support my analysis with evidence from each of the two artifacts chosen. Once I created a strong compelling purpose that I found to be easily comprehensible for readers, I focused on creating fluid transitions to connect my artifacts in an insightful manner. The transitional words and phrases that I utilized successfully function to connect one idea to another within sentences. It also serves a purpose to help readers to follow my train of thought as a writer and the direction that I was aiming for during this revision process. 

Above all else, the revisions made aided in portraying that broader goal that I was aiming for and that was discussed in class. The genre conventions synthesized within my analysis convey clarity and most importantly sequential logic to the argument proposed. While this revision process most definitely strengthened my argument and analytic skills, it is still very much apparent that there are weaknesses within my writing. I must say that the revision process is my favorite part of projects such as this one as it enables me to rethink and look at my writing freshly, especially from a much more critical perspective. Not only does this encourage growth for myself as a writer, but it enables me to view my errors and avoid them for upcoming projects. All in all, the revision process on a whole is significant as I am able to improve my writing as well as develop better writing skills for the future.


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  1. As you mentioned in your reflection, I also find the peer revision process as something that boosts my confidence in my writing through encouraging comments since after my first draft, I tend to have a lot of worries. Additionally, I think that the revision process helps improve my writing skills and enabled me to rethink my essay, but in a positive way!

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