Writer’s Letter for Rhetorical Analysis Essay

I thought that the rhetorical analysis essay was easier to write than the literacy narrative. This time around, I thought that my essay was better organized and better thought out than my literacy narrative.

I wrote about “Vantage” and the launch of Perseverance into Mars. I had trouble with the Perseverance article because it was more informative. Perseverance had mostly factual information so it was more difficult to find rhetorical strategies that are usually written about in rhetorical analysis essays. For example, there was no symbolism or figurative language in this article. Vantage was more subject to interpretation which made it much easier to identify rhetorical devices.

Most of my revising consisted of rewording and expanding on arguments. Word choice plays a key role in the explanations of your claims. That is something that my peers commented on. When I reread my rough draft, there were many instances where I realized that the word I had initially used was not correct or did not accurately express the argument I was trying to make. Also, there were times where my language was becoming very repetitive so I tried to use synonyms to eliminate the repetitiveness of ideas in my paper.

My peers also pointed out areas where I could expand on my interpretation of the two artifacts. While rereading the parts where they suggested that I could expand, I tried to dig deeper and analyze it further. Sometimes that was difficult as I mentioned before with the Perseverance article. But overall, I had a better experience revising this piece. I was better prepared and planned out what I would write beforehand.

The key to a successful revision is having a good foundation to work with. Making sure that key ideas are there in the rough draft helps tremendously when revising so that the development of the points become easier. With this essay, I had the main points to work with so the revision process wasn’t as tedious.

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  1. Hey Shivani! I think you described a writing process very similar to mine and I agree with you the most when you say that your revision process wasn’t as tedious when you had your main points. I credit that to the outline I had made initially before writing. Word choice was very important in this paper and I feel like you mentioned and acknowledged that factor very well. I feel like even when formulating your thesis, word choice was always a factor to consider in order to get your ideas across and I think you explained your process revising very well by including your revisions with word choice itself!

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