Writers Letter – Research Argument

I used to frown upon the revision process, for I found myself oftentimes overwhelmed by it. When looking at and currently going through the revision process for my research essay, I feel relatively confident and excited to get down my new ideas and edits. The literacy narrative and rhetorical analysis essay writing and revision process helped me see that my essays will never be completely finished and perfect but that is okay. I learned that what matters is that I am moving towards the idea of the best possible essay I can write and making necessary revisions one step at a time.

When I first started writing my essay, I found the reflective annotated bibliography that I worked on for my topic of arts program funding in public schools to be extremely helpful. I was able to effectively use my time to start building upon my own ideas as opposed to looking for and analyzing different sources that would be appropriate to use in my essay. When writing research essays in the future, I will definitely spend a lot of time on working on my reflective annotated bibliography considering how much it has helped me throughout this writing process.

When it comes to the revision process specifically, I have been focusing my time on the feedback that I have received from peer review and office hours. I received a lot of feedback on specific areas in my essay that I can strengthen and bring more information into. For example, I write about the comparison between arts programs and core programs that are offered in public schools. Through peer review I learned that I could write more about how both programs reinforce ideas brought about in each other. This is something that will definitely strengthen my overall argument and has been an idea worth investigating.

All in all, peer review and office hours has been extremely helpful to my essay writing and revision process this semester. I feel as though I am a better writer through receiving feedback from a second pair of eyes. It has also been helpful in creating a roadmap for how I want to display my essay, which has been helpful in my revision process to this point.

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  1. Hi Julia,

    I completely relate to your first paragraph as I was the same way. Being overwhelmed during the revision process is the worst feeling to have because it discourages you from writing to your full potential, so it’s a relief to hear that you did overcome that and approached this revision process with growth. The same thing goes with you noticing your strength as a writer. While a paper will never be fulfilled and desired 100%, it’s important to recognize that without putting yourself down, yet to acknowledge areas necessary of change and accept the ones that are tangible. Overall, your revision process sounded realistic and certainly relatable!

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