Writer’s Letter- Research Argument

In my essay, my focus is to describe the reforms that are necessary in the criminal justice system to prevent the number of wrongful imprisonments. I gave the details about cases where injustice occurred but didn’t really expand on what needed to be done. One of my peers pointed this out and said that I needed to include more analysis of the points that I mentioned (the different ways of reform) and connect it back to my thesis statement. With this type of topic, it is difficult to include a lot of analysis as it is pretty fact based. But I think there are ways I can go about including some. In addition, there are plenty of grammatical errors that need correcting.

I also want to emphasis the consequences of what wrongful imprisonment did to these men’s life. I really want to include pathos to evoke some emotions like sympathy from my audience. I would like them to feel enraged as well so that they can recognize that reforms need to be implemented.  I have yet to make those changes in my writing. For now, I focused my revisions on what my peers said needed fixing.

Each part of the RefAnnBib was useful. It saved me a lot of time when I was writing the essay. As usual, the peer review groups are super helpful. I take a lot of their feedback into consideration when I am revising. I value their perspective and insight because they can look at my essay and see the major flaws and point them out. There might have been certain things that I overlooked that I thought was clear but wasn’t. Again, I never look forward to revising my piece. Knowing that it will never be perfect or sound exactly the way I want it to be no encouragement. But the feedback I have received from my peers and the organization I provided for myself in form of the RefAnnBib helped me in this process. Those two things make the revision process less tedious.

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  1. Hi Shivani,
    I’m kind of writing about a similar topic and struggled with analyzing the numerical evidence I used too. One of the things I did to evoke pathos was use real cases as examples of what I was talking about. Like you, I’m a perfectionist who has a hard time going back and editing my piece. However, peer review has really helpful for the same reasons, and has definitely made the process less stressful too.

  2. Hey Shivani! I totally agree with you on never looking forward to the revision process. It is a very time-consuming event during the writing process, but it is necessary to create a coherent essay. I’m glad that our peer group was helpful in feedback. Since we have similar topics, I know how hard the writing process went. Our topics are so history-based that it is hard to gear away from writing a typical history essay that lacks analysis and depth to it. A tip that one of our classmates utilized that helped me a lot was creating comments on each paragraph. Within these comments, I questioned if there was enough “analysis” that would tie into the future of my topic. These comments I created would help me time and time again because there were instances when I had writer’s block; however, when I redirected myself to writing the next day, I had something to guide me. As the deadline approaches, it is important to take time to look over your essay to see what is missing from it. I know how dreadful it may feel, but once you start, it is almost impossible to stop. It is important to look at your essay with a different viewpoint (like your classmates) because we notice the “major flaws and point them out.” Always question if you are clear enough and if your essay pertains to a wider audience.

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