Writer’s Letter: Research Argument Paper

Throughout the beginning of my writing process, I felt as though my topic was too broad and found it difficult to focus on one aspect to argue about abortions. It is an issue that I care about and I did want to learn more about the issue and educate myself if I truly wanted to continue to fight for those rights in the future. The thought that this was a topic that is always used in argumentative papers didn’t cross my mind but when it did, I started to feel a bit insecure. I felt as though it was too “basic” of a topic that everyone talks about and is tired of hearing about because this was a topic that was banned as a topic from my speech class. That and the severity and controversial aspect of abortions scared me. If I were to base my paper off of my rhetorical analysis paper, systemic racism, although there are people who see differently, the consensus is that racism is instilled in our society and that needs to change. Something that is as controversial and that has very mixed opinions is something that made me shy away from talking about abortions and choosing an “easier” topic. Then I started thinking to myself if I cared about abortion rights, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to talk about it.   Getting past that insecurity is what helped me push through and be able to scope in and find a particular issue I wanted to argue. 


The peer-review process helped me find the points in my paper that didn’t sound as clear and concise as it should, along with areas that called for more elaboration. This process is and will continue to be extremely helpful and beneficial in the writing process. Though I have not finalized my paper yet, I keep in mind what my peers commented on my paper and the ideas I gave my peers on theirs. 

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Letter: Research Argument Paper

  1. Hey Doris I am glad you did not switch topics, I think you chose a great one to write about. The fact that it is highly controversial and there is room for debate only allows you to make your argument stronger, which I believe it did after reading your paper. I was in sort of a similar situation with my topic, and I was unsure if I wanted to stick with it. I did not really know where to start or what I would talk about, but when I started planning ahead, it helped a lot. I also had a similar topic for my rhetorical analysis regarding racial injustice, however I wanted to branch off into a new topic. Also wanted to add that I am grateful for your comments on my paper, they were very helpful and guided me on where to expand my ideas.

  2. Hi, Doris! I had similar feelings of insecurities during this writing process. On the flip side, it is comforting to know that you overcame those insecurities and let your strong morale guide you to write this paper. I think that letting your intellectual prowess towards the topic of abortion will undoubtedly result in a well-written paper with your personal style, rather than a “basic” narrative.

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