Writer’s Letter-Research Argument

Although I have not finished my research argumentative essay, my peers gave me valuable information I could translate into my writing. I usually have a hard time coming with more ideas, but my peers gave me many suggestions on how I could proceed with my topic. My argumentative research paper is about how fast food is unhealthy for society as a whole. One of the ideas my peers presented was about how celebrity icons have an effect on consumers and how their fame persuades people to buy this product. One recent example is the Travis Scott meal from McDonald’s. I added certain elements like this to my essay to further support my argument. One of my major problems with writing is having a good flow in my writing. Usually, my transitions from paragraph to paragraph are bad, so in this essay, I tried my best to adjust where certain topics should be placed. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I write I usually write what comes to mind and it tends to make paragraphs all out of order.  Right now I want to focus more on adding details and information and then fix grammatical issues afterward.

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  1. I am also still revising my paper. It does seem like a never ending process. I also have trouble with transitions especially if I am shifting from one idea to the next. I can definitely share that struggle. My peers were very useful to me as well. They are able to look at the same piece of writing and find things that we may have overlooked because we know what we meant but it doesn’t make sense on paper for someone else. That’s when we realize we need revisions. They also point out the things that we should zero in on, emphasize more, or take out to improve the flow of the paper. Details are especially important in a researched argument. Like you, in this revision, I am focused on including what I need to first and then making the grammatical corrections later.

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