Writer’s Letter: Research Paper

Constructing this final research paper was overall an interesting and intellectually stimulating process, both due to the research topic I chose as well as the methodologies that allowed me to practice and refine my writing. From the very beginning of this research process, I knew exactly the topic I wanted to research. This made it much easier for me to flesh out the nuance and complexities of my topic over time. Furthermore, the constant practice during the class of writing and rewriting what exactly we wanted our topic to be allowed me to work more on my topic.

Constructing the two RefAnnBibs was likely one of the most helpful steps to this research paper. Since research is the aspect I tend to struggle with the most, taking the time to find specific sources and then explaining how those sources would aid my paper really allowed me to narrow my search and conduct research with much more intention and precision.

Overall, I have felt more confident about this research paper than previous ones. This may be due to the practice I’ve had with writing all semester as well as the passion I’ve had about my topic from the start. As I continue to develop my paper to its final product, I feel confident about clearly portraying my argument on technology and capitalism and framing a well-structured argument against both. This has definitely been an interesting topic to research as I am aspiring to work in a career of design and technology: one that utilizes technology to improve user experience and design, and this research paper has given me a lot to consider as I embark on that journey.

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