Writer’s Letter: Researched Argument

   To reflect on my revision process in the most perceptible light, was most certainly a challenge. Beginning with the reflective annotated bibliographies, the research for those articles were hard to attain. I was worried to use a source to its entirety as I didn’t want my own thoughts to be buried. However, those entries have saved plenty of time and it was super resourceful and is something I will continue to do for myself in the future. Having my sources ready, acknowledging the credibility of the articles, locating the central ideas, and more, enabled me to focus more on the construction of my paper. The most significant difficulty I found with my revision process was trying to detangle my thoughts. There was plenty of information I just wanted to throw out but had a hard time separating, cutting down, and making sense of it. I chose the topic I did to not only educate myself on the issue of Islamophobia but to also hopefully spread awareness in a research argumentative direction. 

   As for guidance in the revision process, my classmates from peer review certainly helped. Their feedback was utilized accordingly and was very useful. Not only did they remind me to emphasize the purpose of my paper but they also encouraged me to use strong transitions from paragraph to paragraph to truly separate my ideas and arguments in a fluid way that is sensible and tangible. On the whole, my paper is constructed in a way that enables readers to grasp the main focus while also offering a clear cut clarity that is easily recognizable. While it may never be perfect, it is crafted in a way that is cohesive and forward. As for improvement and what I hope to employ for future assignments, would be to have more confidence within my paper. While I believe that I was able to make well grounded connections from paragraph to paragraph, I hope to engage in more rational and logical words. Also, while I may have proceeded with growth in terms of my writing, I still often find myself feeling overwhelmed which then neglects the true potential I know my writing can prosper to. For the meanwhile, I hope to keep in mind my mistakes and correct them where necessary. With more practice, I hope to find strength in my writing weaknesses. 


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  1. I feel like you took the words out o fmy mouth when you say, “I was worried to use a source to its entirety as I didn’t want my own thoughts to be buried.” As I read your paper I thought it was well put an organized and I always felt that your argument was there and that you supported it with the sources without blinding your reader from your perspective on the topic.

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