Writer’s Letter: Rhetorical Analysis

As I’ve noted many times before throughout this semester, I am a perfectionist, therefore, writing essays is something I always struggle with. I question myself each time I have an assignment due because I know that there is so much room for improvement when it comes to my writing. This assignment, however, left me feeling proud of my work which is something I tend to lack feeling. I worked extra hard on this essay due to the extension which is why I feel more confident as I had much more time to go back and re-edit. There is always room for improvement, but I believe this is one of the best analysis essays I have written. Despite feeling this way right now, I did not feel this attitude when I began writing.

At first, this essay took me by surprise. I tend to analyze texts naturally while reading, but for the two texts I chose for my piece, I felt myself having to re-read to prevent myself from missing anything.  A key piece of advice I received from my peers was to expand on my thoughts and dig deeper into the impact each genre convention had on the message both texts employed. This is an issue I have with every text I write, but specifically when I am assigned to analyze something– my analysis lacks impact. I tend to be more focused on the summarization of the text, rather than what the author is conveying with his/her rhetorical devices. This is clear in my piece when I speak on the images David Remnick includes in his piece, “After George Floyd and Juneteenth.” I believe that my analysis of the images isn’t as clear as it could be. This was the part of the essay that I struggled with the most as I could not get my thoughts down into words. However, after reading the works of my peers, I had a clearer understanding of what to do to make my piece more impactful.

Because my peers are such strong writers, their work teaches me the methods I need to incorporate into my writing. The most help I received was from the office hours appointment.  Prior to the appointment, I had a lot of questions about the direction my paper was headed, but after the meeting, all my stress was eased away.

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