Writer’s Letter – The Fear of Reluctance Is The Fear That Consumes You

To begin with, during the process of revising my literacy narrative, I was able to seek many improvements through the constructive criticism that my group graciously provided for me. I was able to successfully utilize the comments made by my peers and revise my narrative to the best that it can be. I was able to redraft my writing piece in a more structured format while also providing dialogue for a more interactive reader experience, as my group suggested. Taken as a whole, peer review was very informative and helpful as I was able to expand more on my emotions regarding my literacy. Also, I was reluctant on sharing vivid details for some pieces throughout my paper but my group encouraged me to be more compassionate and heartfelt. The revisions I made will definitely be applicable to future writing pieces of mine as they are essential when composing a strong piece of writing. I hope to continue to take into consideration the comments made by my peers for the remaining of my writing assignments. The meeting during office hours also provided me with insight that encouraged me to mention my growth regarding my mental health. Although I was contemplating the inclusion of the progress of mental health, the meeting inspired me to include every detail and reminded me to make this narrative very personal and sincere. Overall, with this newly attained understanding, I was able to develop a more effective work ethic in terms of being a writer. This recently developed comprehension will only strengthen my skills as a writer in the future.

With final reasoning, I am immensely appreciative for the efforts made by my peers with regards to the revision of my writing piece and I hope I was able to provide the same for them. This literacy narrative will always be of importance to me as it relates to a personal struggle of mine. My goal with this writing piece was to push myself to share my story revolving my mental health and the impact my literacy sponsors had on the growth of my progression as well as the many discourse communities I was able to encounter. As always, this is only the beginning to the infinite unknowns and possibilities that life so heavily surrounds us with.

– Alicia Motiram

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