Writer’s Letter

Even though I feel like my paper covered a really big topic, and there were lots of ways I could have chosen to support my argument I think I chose the path that was best suited for the types of articles I needed to use. By focusing on the social issues around marijuana I was able to find a lot of different types of sources, which was important because we needed academic ones too. This made it a lot easier for me to make my RefAnnBib, which really helped me organize and write my paper. My RefAnnBib also helped me make sure I was answering the questions that I was able to in my paper, while leaving room for future research and discussion which we mentioned in class.

While I struggled to write and introduction paragraph that road mapped my paper for my audience, I think it was effective and that my paragraphs make sense. While I tried to tie things together well and in a way that made sense, I’m having a little trouble making sure that things transition smoothly. Now that my paper is all fleshed out, I’ll be rereading it and trying to make sure that my arguments are in a good order. This is important to ensure that my paper isn’t just me spewing information, but narrative as well.

Peer review has helped me find ways to strengthen my paper, especially since my peers were able to look at it with fresh eyes. They were able to tell me what parts of my essay need a little more explanation, which pushed me to do a little more research, or look at my sources a closer. My peers also asked questions that made me rethink exactly what my main argument, and how to go about proving it without sounding absolutist, which was another challenge. While this paper was more straight forward to write, it’s the one that I’m least confident submitting because I feel like I haven’t gotten past just repeating information.

One thought on “Writer’s Letter

  1. The RefAnnBibs helped me in my writing process as well. Finding reliable sources and analyzing them before writing the first draft was extremely helpful in organizing my thoughts and my paper too. I also struggle with transitions and connecting my points clearly and concisely, a problem that came up with my rhetorical analysis paper as well. I can also relate to your wanting to not wanting to sound too absolutist since I am talking about abortion rights. It is hard to not get carried away with a topic that you are passionate about without sounding too preachy or absolutist. When it comes to research papers, it’s difficult to not sound like you are just pouring out information one after the other but to fit in your narrative so that is something I am working on too.

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