Future’s Thinking Prompt

One year from now, I would be really proud of how far I’ve come with my writing skills and the steps I took to get there. A year from now, the skills that I will gain will be to develop my ideas and thoughts much faster and efficiently. In addition, I will take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way, meeting up with my professor for Office Hours or even taking time to connect with my classmates on what we learned after class. Trust and dedication are the keys to get to where I want to be one year from now.

As of right now, I lack confidence in how I want to draft out a prompt at any given moment. I often have an excellent glimpse of what I want to write, and then I overthink it.  Steps I will take to resolve this are trusting my ability as a writer and checking in with classmates, professor Muhlbauer, or even with past English teachers I had. As time goes on, I hope to have improved due to advice and commitment. Additionally, be confident that my work is informative, interesting, and on the subject.

Finally, when it comes to my most crucial weakness, which is connecting my thoughts faster, I’ll try hard to remain calm and composed with myself to publicize whatever I have to say or write. Then, once I see progress in my weaknesses, I will communicate more with my professor or good writers on ways to improve. There’s always room to grow.