Future’s Thinking Prompt

Entering this class, I’ve set for myself multiple goals that I hope to accomplish by the time I finish this course. Some goals I set for myself are to improve my writing style, grammar, and punctuation. I chose to meet these goals because I feel like my writing style and grammar is not where it needs to be and there is room for improvement. To better my writing style and grammar I plan to work closely with my teacher and tutors at the writing center. I think my punctuation in my writing is good but I can improve on it more. Another problem I face when trying to improve my writing is catching mistakes, I tend to not catch the mistakes in my writing, rather, I point them out in others’ writings. I hope to fix this issue by reading my work over and over again down to the letters until I find the errors. By using Hypothesis, I believe my annotations will improve over time because in the past I never really annotated anything I read unless I had to. Now with Hypothesis, it’s easier to annotate and find them when going over my notes. By writing on Blogs@Baruch, I believe will also help me improve my writing style because I’m writing in a place where others can read my work, and by knowing this I try to write my best.

3 thoughts on “Future’s Thinking Prompt

  1. Thasin, I understand what you mean when you say that you tend to catch other’s mistakes in their writings but not your own, I tend to do that as well. However, by asking professors, our peers, or help from the writing center, and we can learn from these mistakes and use them as experiences to improve upon our abilities to properly draft/edit or revise others works in the future.

  2. Thasin,

    I really relate to a lot of your future goals! I also would like to get better at re-reading my own work as this is such an important practice that I would eventually like to make a habit. I really like how you are able to identify that your punctuation is good but can still use some improvement as I think this really shows you are very aware of where you are at with your writing. Being aware of your writing will really help you to achieve all of your goals and improve on the things you want to work on.

  3. I love that you have a plan on how to become a better writer. You have outlined all the resources you intend to use to reach your goals and potential of writing, which is a necessary step I believe on becoming a better writer!

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