It is time to get things done – Laert Dema

I am up for a challenge. My writing skills have not been the best and I look forward to improving them with the help of this course. Every time I write something I try to answer the questions and have the right structure for my writing but most of the time is very generic not something you would get excited to read. A lot of the things I write start and end are kind of the same. I have a lot of things I need to do better in my writings, as for my goals for this year are to widen my vocabulary so I can have more words to use, improve my grammar and start using commas more as they can make ideas clearer to the reader. English is not my first language, so I am going to start reading more and more books so I can improve my vocabulary and grammar at the same time. The strength I have is that I stay focused on the topic and not start writing about something else from what is asked. Details are not my strongest part as I think by being broader I am safer and have little space for error but details, in my opinion, are what make the writing stand out. Frequently I think my writings do not have any problems and rarely check them closely for mistakes which is a bad thing as reading it can make me find mistakes that I can fix. Writing frequently on Blog@Baruch will improve my skills as I see it as a way to practice my skills and improve them by getting others’ opinions or ideas about my writings.

Posted on behalf of Laert Dema