Literacy Narrative Brainstorm – Dema

Posted on behalf of Laert Dema

Conventions: What are three specific conventions associated with the discourse of your topics?

Topic 1: Stocks Day Trading

1. Read and learn real time information and decide what is the main idea and the useful points that I need to absorb.

2. Analyzing the directions and changes in graphs to try to create an idea what is going to happen.

3. Helped me be in control of my psychological state fighting through my emotions; what is right and not necessarily what I want.

Topic 2: Student Government

1. Write letters or speeches in a formal way but still being understandable and relatable to a specific audience in this case other students at the school.

2. Create visuals to compress information to fit in a specific amount out time or space that you may have and adding the rest by yourself.

3. Using citations, the right way by writing where you got it from and giving a brief explanation on it to make the citation idea clearer.

Topic 3: Play Station Network

1. Use code names for specific location in the game map to make it faster for my teammates to understand.

2. Social skills being able to learn to communicate more freely using a more everyday in live than books.

3. Plan out a winning strategy in the games I played in a same way as planning an essay or a short speech.

ii. Discourse community: Can you describe two memories in which you joined in conversation with members of the discourse community associated with these topics?

Topic 1: Stocks Day Trading

1. About 3 months ago I started day trading almost as it seemed an easy way to earn money fast. One day I had invested a significant amount of my account balance in one stock that day and I had a goal in mind when to sell my stock. As soon as I bought the stock it went down and I was told that if the loss was more than 20%, I should sell it, the lost got more than 20% and my emotions got in the way of me selling it. At the end of the day, I was almost more than 40% loss which was double of what was my expected loss and all of that from me not controlling my emotions and not by standing by the rules. Now as I got more knowledge about trading I am more neutral in my trades as I let my emotions aside when doing it.

2. In the start of the summer one of my friends introduced me to a trading group that helped each other out by sharing knowledge and learning from each other. One of the things that got my attention was the ability to possibly know the outcome of a stock just by the movement and changes in the graphs. There were different patterns or past historical price actions that made the outcome more predictable and less based on luck which opened a new door for me in trading.

Topic 2: Student Government

1. When I was part of student government back in high school, we had our second presentation to the students, and we wanted to make it more enjoyable that the first one especially from the freshman in the school. Some thought that it was more important giving facts and being more professional but from my observation in the first presentation I saw that students preferred more relatable and short things than long, details writing. After doing a change in our program we saw that the second time students were more interested that ever listening to us.

2. One of my first assignment that I used citations was very bland is a just used the citation by not giving an opinion or telling anything about it. To me it was very clear and understandable but after one of the teachers that was helping the school board read it liked my writing a lot but she told me that for the citation to be the proper way I got to add an explanation after using it. The teacher gave me an idea what I can add and after reading it my work seemed much more clearer to a listener who was not as informed as I was in the topic.

Topic 3: Play Station Network

1. Being an English second learned one of the things that helped me most during my childhood mastering English or even learning the basics was gaming. Play Station has always been my favorite platform and one of the best features it has had was voice chat during games or even it lobbies. I first started learning English with books of videos, but they were always based on learning the grammar and following rules, they were never focused on using day to day English. Talking in the voice chat made me understand English more easily and speak it more freely than any other way. I used to have a group of online friends who would always play Call of Duty in the evening and speaking English became something completely natural to me as I was a English speaking born kid.

2. Fast-paced strategy games have always been my favorite as I like planning things ahead but maybe making changes in the moment if necessary. One day I was had some homework to write a essay about nature and the changes in years and right at the moment I was telling my friend about it while playing Warzone online. He told me if you were as good in essays as you are in the game, I am sure you would do the best essays in class, and I started wondering what if did the essays with the same passion and the idea of planning something in advance before even doing it. It was one of my first essays that I started writing down some ideas, thinking how can I link them up and after finishing it I could not believe it was much better than the kind of essays I would usually write in school.

iii. Literacy sponsor: Can you describe two specific ways in which a literacy sponsor has introduced you to the discourse communities and/or conventions of these topics?

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