Osmar’s Blog Post 1

When it comes to my recent growth as a writer, my future response will differ from my response from three days ago since my future response will detail the progress I made in my use of rhetorical analysis and appeals as a result of attending and participating in ENG 2100 with Professor MuhlBauer. My response from three days ago cannot contain this information because I have not completed studying in ENG 2100.

My future response to this prompt will contain the same two goals as my response to the same prompt from three days ago because the two goals I set for myself three days ago cover the bases for undergraduate-level writing. In my wholly unprofessional opinion, finding high-quality research sources and possessing a high stamina for writing long essays constitute two thirds of a successful college writer’s skill set; therefore, I do not need to set new writing goals this time next school year. I will most likely master the third skill, rhetoric, by the end of the ENG 2100 course.

My writing priorities at the moment include finding high-quality research sources to support my essays’ points, practicing concision, practicing precision, becoming more familiar with English words’ connotations, and learning the American English grammar/documentation style that the professor at hand commands his or her students to use in assignments. These priorities will remain the same this time next school year.

I anticipate that I will develop both a higher stamina for writing longer essays and an improved method of selecting high-quality research sources.

My writing weakness is my conclusion paragraph writing; I am unable to write a conclusion paragraph that ends an essay with an upswing, a direction toward broader issues that intersect with the essay in question’s topic(s). Instead, I simply write a recapitulation of the essay’s points. I will have improved upon this weakness after having listened closely to Professor MuhlBauer’s lesson on writing conclusion paragraphs and having placed those lesson’s strategies into practice on the three major writing assignments for the ENG 2100 course.

I will have reinforced my writing strengths by completing all assignments in the ENG 2100 course, and I will keep the momentum going by reminding myself of my fear of not graduating from City University of New York: Baruch College on time.