Publisher’s Letter

When I started writing my literacy narrative I felt like it was really good and it was ready for peer review. During class when we got broken up into our groups for peer review both group members took a look at my writing. After they finished editing they gave me some interesting feedback that I didn’t really think about when I was writing. Overall they enjoyed my writing. The key issue in my writing was I barely described any emotions during the writing. To be honest, I felt a little shocked that I didn’t add emotions because that is considered very important when you are describing an event that occurred. So after our review time was over I went right back into my writing and read it through and while I was reading, I added some emotions in certain parts of the writing where I felt it was important for the reader to know how I was feeling. Afterwards I felt a lot better with my writing and I was ready to submit it. This was a good learning experience and I will continue using these lessons in the rest of my writings.

One thought on “Publisher’s Letter

  1. Hi, Christopher – I’m glad to hear that you had a chance to further invigorate your writing by integrating more affective reflections into your literacy narrative. Often as students you don’t have many opportunities to creatively and reflexively engage with emotions on the page, and so I think it’s important that we take this occasion in particular to unpack these literacy experiences in terms of the emotions they evoke. Well done!

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