RefAnnBib #2

Part 1: Negative Impacts of Illegal Immigration on Society BY BRIAN JASIURKOWSKI


Part 2: 







Part 3: 

The author of Negative Impacts of Illegal Immigration on Society starts off with their thesis and introduction back to back. After reading them both, I noticed that both of them had mostly the same general information. Afterward, the author starts to state his points of why immigrants are harmful to the United States. He makes short to the point claims about their harm with some of them listing statistics or other articles. Something else to note is that the author uses generic images that relate to each point they are over. Many of the claims are made in two to three sentences before moving on to the next one. In the end, he lists his sources, but when I tried to search for them, the sites wouldn’t pop up.


Part 4: Overall, this is a very clear case of red flags for a trustworthy article. The entire article is the length of a paragraph, he repeats his claim twice, just different in the beginning, he uses images to take up most of the screen to distract you from his low word count and he barely has any facts and those don’t even have a source. Like I said in part 3, he lists them at the end, but when you copy and paste them into a search bar, you get a message that says they don’t exist. To top it off, I don’t even think he had sources; all of the sources end in jpg. Probably just the links to the images he used, but I guess I’ll never know.


Part 5:

“Thesis: Illegal Immigration has many harmful effects on the economy…”

“Introduction: Illegal immigration has more negative effects than positive ones on the Untied States.”

2 thoughts on “RefAnnBib #2

  1. Lucas,
    Very weird yet knowledgeable experience you had. I think this is a great example of how useful this process is. Many articles seem to have potential, but just by reading them, you realize their lack of credibility. It was wise of you to look into the sources. I am intrigued by your research paper and am curious to see what position you take on the matter.

  2. I think you do a great job of not blindly believing any article you read. When an author cannot back up their claims with facts, it is a red flag. The use of images can be distracting but you were able to realize that something didn’t add up.

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