Rhetorical Analysis: Controlling Idea Draft

Racism has plagued the world in many ways for centuries.  Skin color is not something we can choose. Although skin color is a part of someone, it isn’t the only thing that defines them.  We continuously see black people murdered and harassed due to the deep-rooted racism throughout the world. African Americans get stamped as angry and dangerous before they can even speak.  Everyone says they want a change in the way the color of someone’s skin defines them. Yet we see the same prejudiced acts repeated over and over.  When will the world learn to stop characterizing someone by the color of their skin? 

2 thoughts on “Rhetorical Analysis: Controlling Idea Draft

  1. I think you should add the titles of the two artifacts that your rhetorical analysis will cover as well as what you think are the rhetorical similarities between those two artifacts’ purposes.

  2. It’s a very exhausting cycle and shows no progress indeed, especially in an age where people talk about an issue for attention and then are forgotten four months later.

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