Samuel Klestzick – Future Memory (1)

I think that in the future, I would describe that at Baruch I’ve grown in many ways. For starters, I’ve evolved in terms of the clarity of my writing; this includes not being repetitive and using correct grammar. I will have done this with the help of the Writing Center who will ensure I use correct spelling and punctuation as they guide students through revising their own work. Regularly using hypothesis will also help me, as looking closely at texts will allow me to see the importance of word choice. I will understand that rambling is unnecessary when even one word can convey such diverse and deep meanings to different people. 

I would also say that I’ve gotten better at articulating my ideas, meaning that my writing is coherent and no longer a string of unconnected ideas grouped together using random transition words. The ideas will build off each other into a clear argument. By regularly meeting with my professor, I will have help organizing what I’m really trying to prove. I will no longer write random ideas that all kind of prove my point, rather, with my professor’s help,  I will sift through and pick only crucial evidence that will help me make a clear argument.

In the future, I think I will want to work on writing clear and concise thesis statements because it is an extremely useful skill to be able to clearly articulate an argument in any field I wish to go into. This is different from how I said I wanted to work on my grammar on the first day of class. I think there is a shift in focus because once I learn how to use correct grammar, I will more effectively be able to use that skill to construct convincing theses. 

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  1. Sammy,

    I really relate to what you said about rambling and repetition! This is something I currently struggle with as well and is definitely one of my goals to improve on! I really liked your goal of writing clear and concise statements as that is an underrated hard skill to accomplish and also a very useful skill to have down. I feel as though a lot of times in high school we are used to filling our writtings with a lot of fluff, but in life that can be not helpful and cause us to lose sight of the point we are really writing about.

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