Roderick’s Stasis Theory

Topic: The United States of America being regared as the “greatest” country in the world.
Name Roderick Joshua

• Question of Fact: What makes the U.S the “greatest” country in the world? ( America has been regarded by politicians and ordinary citizens of the United States as the best greatest country on this planet, but why? Although America has quality medical care, is #1 in covid cases and the cost of medical care for many Americans is unaffordable. Unlike most countries, America has a gun control issue that affects even our children’s safety at school. )

• Question of Definition: what defines the “greatest country” in the world?- ( What are the qualities to be regarded as the greatest country in this world? Every country in this world has it tragedies and flaws in history, regardless is it’s the greatest or not. With that being said, is being the “greatest” country in such a flawed world that great? Should we be proud and flaunt that or work on being even better? )

• Question of Cause: What caused people to believe we were the greatest country in the world? Could it be our past filled with victorious moments like being the first on the moon, Helping preventing Hitler from conquering Europe, or aiding in the dissolving of the USSR and becoming the sole super power in the world? Or could it be that we fought and won our freedom against the most powerful country at the time then fought amongst ourselves again for the freedom of African-Americans, the people we forgot to free 100 years ago then oppressed their rights again ?

• Question of Value: do we want to be the greatest country or want to do what it takes to be the greatest country? ( You ask somewhat makes America the greatest country on earth they usually say being the most dominant country on earth but what does that do for us individually? Yes we may be the most formidable nation and the most potent one , but maybe being the greatest isn’t what we need. If we’re the greatest nation in the world and have African-Americans and other people of the black demographic being gunned down our streets, Hispanics immigrants worried about their immigration status or expressing too much of their culture, Middle eastern worried about being viewed as a “terrorist” for the cultural clothing or traditions, East Asians and pacific islanders worried about hate crimes. Etc…

• Question of Policy: Does being the greatest or trying to be the greatest country in the world truly make Americans happy? ( If being the greatest nation means we focus on the affairs of other citizens before our own, does that make us happy?)

2 thoughts on “Roderick’s Stasis Theory

  1. Roderick, I really liked how you were able to narrow down your topic and make it very specific. Your topic is also very strong and I like how in the question of definition you spoke about how the word greatest can be explained. Your question of who defines the “greatest country” is a thought-provoking one that I think would be cool to explore in your essay!

  2. Roderick,

    This is a super interesting topic that could go in a myriad of directions. I really love each of the subtopics you wrote about. They were all very interesting and very thought-provoking regarding America’s place and status in the world. I really found your question of fact and question of cause the most compelling and I would love to see what research you find for either of those two topics. Great job!

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