Stasis Theory

Topic: Suicide

Question of Fact: Several factors are leading to suicide. (In this essay I will discuss the facts and statistics that show the leading causes of suicide)

Question of Definition: Suicide is death caused by injuring oneself with the intent to die. ( This essay will explore the different definitions of suicide amongst different cultures.)

Question of Cause: Depression, stress, and issues with self-identity are just some of the reasons individuals commit suicide. (The essay will largely focus on depression, stress, and sexual or gender identity and why they affect individuals the most.)

Question of Value: Suisiced seems to be occurring more often in teens and young adults (our future). (The essay will touch upon our part in helping the future of this world and ensuring everyone’s right to have a place here.)

Question of Policy: Changing the stigma and perception of seeking mental help as bad. (This essay will discuss the stigma around mental illness and how by changing the way we treat mental health we can prevent and encourage a safe community.)

4 thoughts on “Stasis Theory

  1. Angeles,

    I loved reading all of your subtopics, they are all super intriguing and would all make for very powerful research papers. I personally felt as though the question of policy and question of definition were the two most powerful and immediately had me curious as to what your research would show.

  2. Hi Angeles,
    I think this will definitely be a good read, I am most intrigued by the question of definition and how you mention how your essay “will explore the different definitions of suicide amongst different cultures,” which is something I have not personally heard of. Your stasis theory is well planned out and informative!

  3. Angeles,
    I think your topic is very powerful and it’s something that is very important to discuss in this day in age. You handled this topic very maturely and I think that this policy of changing the stigma on mental illness and seeking help is something important to discuss! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your essay as your stasis theory outline is very thorough and you have so many possibilities concerning this topic.

  4. This is a very interesting topic that deserves to be talked about. I think you clearly stated that there are many different aspects to suicide and that there are factors that can be controlled that can limit suicide and ideas associated with it. I’m looking forward to reading this paper and if the research you find lines up with what you think now.

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