Stasis Theory- Incarceration

Question of Fact:

America is dealing with a problem in both mass incarceration and the process of incarceration (this essay is going to discuss the alternative methods of dealing with people other than sending them to jail and ways the system of placing people into prison is not productive.)

Question of Definition:

Mass incarceration is the idea that people who are committing crimes are being placed in jail, more than in any other country. This means that jails are filling up with far too many people than the country can handle. The process of incarceration refers to the time of the arrest to arraignment, charges brought, and legal representation.

Question of Cause:

Job training, housing, and mental health support are all other options but a lot harder and more expensive to implement instead of jail time. Government underfunding also explains why the process of being placed into jail is such a long process because courts and district attorney offices are understaffed and underpaid.

Question of Value:

People aren’t being treated humanely and forced to live in animal-like conditions because of a broken system. Everyone deserves to be treated like a person and have their problems cared for and listened to. We should understand why people are committing crimes in addition to just punishing.

Question of Policy:

The process of placing people into jail, deciding who goes to jail, and the way people are treated in jail need to all be changed with the help of the government. More attention needs to be given to those who have committed crimes so that the future is safer and people are mentally healthier post-committing crimes.