Stasis Theory Worksheet

   Topic: Utopia/Dystopia

  • Question of Fact: Do utopias exist or have ever existed?- (This essay will show that utopias are not possible and therefore have never existed. The essay will use facts from literature and film to show the failed attempts of utopias, makes allusions to the utopias in the Bible(Garden of Eden and heaven), and lists policies of why they cannot occur.)


  • Question of Definition: By definition, a utopia doesn’t exist. (This essay will focus on the meaning of a utopia coined by Thomas Moore and cite other philosophers and scholars’ definitions of the term utopia.)

  • Question of Cause: What is the result of an attempt to create and live in a utopian society?- Utopias will lead to dystopian societies.[This essay will show that there is a direct correlation between utopias and dystopias through the use of citing examples of utopias that turned into dystopias and using facts to show that perfectionism is not achievable. This essay will reveal that utopias don’t exist because the only outcome of a dream of a utopia is a dystopian society.]

  • Question of Value: Do utopias allow individuals to think freely as they envision a perfect world?-  Utopias allow individuals the freedom to dream up an imagined and better world but in the end, they lead to unfulfillment in life. ( This essay will appeal to people’s fear of failure and their value of freedom to depict that a utopia is not true freedom as people would be forced to live in other people’s definition of freedom and perfectionism. This essay will appeal to democrats and freedom fighters as it will reveal that the value of freedom is lost in utopias as everyone is forced to conform.)

  • Question of Policy: Are theories and ideas based on utopias successful?- Theories of utopias should be restricted because they are impossible and do not lead to a utopian future. [In this essay, cause and effect arguments, citing historical context and history, facts, and examples of failed attempts of communism will be used to depict the failure of communism/marxism as an attempt to create a utopia. This essay will persuade its audience that communism is a branch of utopia and through the use of motivational appeals, the essay will make the argument that the concept of communism and utopias are dangerous.]

4 thoughts on “Stasis Theory Worksheet

  1. You have a very interesting topic and your stasis theory really helped me have a good understanding of your argument. Each of your questions really had me thinking about if utopias could ever be a thing of the future. I also like how you include some of the specific things that you are going to discuss in your essay. Very nice and I hope your essay came out the way you wanted it to.

  2. Your idea and questions surrounding utopias look really interesting. I’m surprised that your brought religion into this with the bibles garden of Eden, but I think that’s a good choice since it is a universal topic almost everyone has heard/knows about. Im really excited for your paper and can’t wait to read it.

  3. I like your points and connections to outside sources like the bible, the meaning of utopia/dystopia, communism, and even governments of nations. I’m jealous of how good the questions are and how much research you’ll find and enjoy working on.

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