English 2100 Fall 2023:  What Goes Unsaid?

Mysterious Dog Illness…

At the moment U.S Dog moms and dads are experiencing major concern and fear of this new mysterious Dog illness that has yet to have a name. However, it appears to be a respiratory issue that spreads through close contact so it happens to be very contagious and Vet’s say that its way worse than a kennel cough. The symptoms of this new disease include; wheezing, eye discharge, dry coughing, difficulty breathing, and show signs of lethargy. This disease was first discovered and officially diagnosed in Oregon and has spread throughout the west and east coast. However, this disease has yet been officially diagnosed in New York City. There has been some hospitalization and even some fatalities seen especially dogs who happen to be easily susceptible wether because of age or any other diseases they might suffer from. I’ve seen some people even resort to nebulizers to treat the disease because their dog is having a lot of trouble breathing.Personally, as a dog mommy, I’m taking extreme precaution in taking care of Blake (my dog). Such precautions I take is isolating him from any other dogs at the moment like no dog parks and even avoiding taking him to the groomers so I just him a haircut and a bath at home and Vets also recommend to take your dog immediately if any of the symptoms show up that way they can catch it early, and also making sure their vaccines are up to date due to the fact that there isn’t any vaccines at the moment available for this disease. Also, because we like to take him on his daily walks, we wash his paws at the front of the door before he enters the house and don’t pet him when we come back from the outside unless we have washed our hands. I wanted to share because maybe some people don’t know about this and now they do and make sure to take extra care of their fur babies!

Attention Travelers….

United Airlines has added a new boarding policy for their passengers that’ll reportedly could save up a couple of minutes of boarding time. The way this system is supposed implemented is by first and foremost boarding all priority seating passengers. Which consists of first class, people with disabilities, and a high frequent flyer status passengers. With this new system economy class who have window seats will be boarding the plane next. So, for every main cabin economy ticket holder who has a window seat will be the next to board the plane after priority. Followed by middle and aisle seat passengers. The name of this system is WILMA and it was implemented at the end of October. United confirms that there is a lot of benefits for this new way of boarding. Such as faster boarding and more overhead space for those who book window seats. Fun Fact: Airlines could save up hundred millions of dollars per year for even one minute being reduced by boarding. However, I wonder as a window-seat lover myself, are tickets going to be more expensive now and or harder to book because of its perks. As of right now that is not the case but maybe in the future if this new system works out in their favor. I also wonder are other airlines going to try and test out WILMA like a Delta, Jet blue, Southwest, etc. Ultimately, is this going to be the new thing for passenger boarding and will it stick a long time? Personally, I am not a fan of this system of boarding because I find that more structure leads to more complications and headaches especially regarding passengers who want to get on the quickly and who probably paid around the same amount of money for that aisle or middle seat. It sounds like the only ones who are benefiting off of this is United and Window-seat passengers which isn’t fair for everybody. In my opinion, everybody should board according to their main cabin number not by their seating.

Introductory Post

Hey everyone! My name is Garelys. However, mostly all my family and friends call me “Lela”. So if my name seems pretty hard to pronounce feel free just to say Lela. My pronouns are she/her. I was born in The Bronx and attended catholic school for most of my life including high school. I always knew Baruch was going to be the school I was going to end up attending. For some reason ever since I heard about it and did my research on it my sophomore year of high school, I felt that it was perfect for me. Especially because of the outstanding business program it has to offer. Which is what I plan to major in; specifically, finance. A very important element of my life is my family and my culture. I am a very proud daughter of immigrants. My parents came to this country with nothing but a dream and gave me everything. I am Dominican on behalf of both my parents. I have three older brothers which truly makes me the “baby” of the family. I am a foodie, I love trying different kinds of foods from different cultures and learning about them. Being Dominican my favorite dish of all time is “locrio de longaniza”. If I had to choose a meal to eat for the rest of my life that would be it. I 10/10 recommend. My favorite hobbies include traveling and reading. I love traveling because it opens your eyes and expands your horizons to different cultures, music, food, and overall experiences. My favorite country I’ve visited has to be Italy. Outside of the motherland (Dominican Republic) because DR is just home to me. I love reading books especially books that can convey a message about life and just how we should go about it to truly be happy. My favorite book being “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. At a young age I developed a strong passion for beauty wether that be skincare or makeup. I love making others feel better about themselves and truly come to love who they are as an individual. By next year, I hope to become a licensed esthetician. So I can be more closely involved in the beauty industry while I’m pursing my degree in college. The picture I was going to put up is a picture of a beach in Dominican Republic. Specifically, “Isla Saona”. For some reason my laptop isn’t letting me upload the file. However, I was going to put that picture up because it truly is where I am at my happiest. I love being by the water. I find the beach to be peaceful and tranquil, I place I can relax and at the same time have fun. A place where I take all the beautiful views in, hear the waves crashing, listen to my favorite music, read a book, and most importantly tan! So yeah, this is me! I hope I get the chance to get to know all of you individually throughout the course of the semester!

“Learning to Read” excerpt

In the excerpt “Learning to Read” from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X “, I came to discover Malcolm X’s journey of reading and understanding. His overall curiosity and willingness to learn starting with a fundamental tool such as a dictionary and studying it in order for him to become knowledgeable of words and their different meanings is truly what made a strong impression on me. Malcolm didn’t let his circumstances nor surroundings in prison define him. Instead, he took advantage of it spending his sole time studying the dictionary and improving his writing skills by copying everything he was seeing down. Ultimately, that guided him to expand his knowledge on topics that he once was incapable of comprehending . Malcolm X is known to be a highly intelligent individual. I always figured he had some sort of high education. However, it surprised me how he didn’t even make it past middle school. I am truly fascinated that Malcolm didn’t receive a full proper school education. All that he knows was self-taught, referring to “a homemade education”. What I can make of the authors description of “a homemade education” is that it’s one that you create for yourself. One that caters to you as an individual and your needs based on what we know, don’t know, and want to know. It’s a kind of education that you solely curate and teach yourself on your own terms. Based on self – determination, passion, and drive. The element I can identify within this narrative is that when I put my mind toward a certain goal or objective I don’t give up no matter how hard it gets or if it may seem impossible. I feel like Malcolm had the same mentality. He was eager to learn how to become literate and gain knowledge even if it was going to be long journey. He ended up achieving that and so much more as time passed.