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Composer’s Letter

My photo story was focused on a new comic convention called Blerdcon. I’ve been a part of the Blerdcon team since the beginning, and as of now we are coming up on our year three.  The message I was trying to convey through these pictures is the same message that our convention stands for; the importance of representation in the pop culture that we celebrate, and the importance of safe spaces and a strong community to celebrate with.  Our convention is one of the first to provide a safe space for black nerds or ‘blerds’, latinx nerds and other poc, the lgbt community, the disabled and veteran community, and others who feel that they are not supported or accepted in the geek world and geek media. The process for choosing this subject was quite easy because it is a message that I have stood by for many years.  It’s both easy and fun for me to share my passion, and more importantly, I really do believe that is beneficial to others.

I decided to use Micah’s photos from the event for two reasons; he is a much better photographer than I, and he also knows exactly how to capture the emotion whatever he is covering. I really think that the footage that he covered of Blerdcon exactly mimics the experience during the convention weekend.  When my audience views my photo stories, I want them to envy the strength of the blerd community. I say this because I think that every person needs a place or community where they feel safe to express themselves. A strong community and sense of security are the keys to feeling supported.

Doing this assignment was a little bit of a challenge for me.  If I were writing an essay on the same topic, I could easily explain in perfect detail the experience of Blerdcon, but since this project is photo based, I had very little to work with.  I went through my own collection of photos from over the years, but most didn’t really capture the essence and purpose of the event. This is why I chose to use The Legend of Micah’s photography.  As I was working on the project, I felt proud.  As an attendee of both years, and a staff member, I can honestly say that the photography in my photo story does our convention justice.

View my photo story here.

2 thoughts on “Photo Story Draft

  1. n.moore says:

    Hi Zoe,

    First off, you did an amazing job explaining your vision for the project in your “composer’s letter.” Through your photo story, I am able to capture the emotions and essence of the event that I believe you are trying to portray. This event looks like a lot of fun and like everyone truly enjoyed themselves. I even feel like I am there at the convention experiencing the different parts you showcased with everyone.

    I do not have any constructive feedback to give, because I feel like you captured the essence of the project perfectly!

  2. LBlankenship says:

    Really nice work, Zoe. Powerful subject, amazing photos. A few things to consider: include some of your composer’s letter on a couple slides right after the title slide for context. On your captions, break the lines so that when you go on to a second line, the first and second lines are more or less the same length. At times you have 1-2 words on the second line, which is a bit visually awkward. Some captions have periods; some don’t. Minor things; this is a powerful piece.

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