September 2022

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October 6. Writing Program Pedagogy Seminar. Zoom (TBA). 1-2:30


Christina Christoforatou was invited to review the first critical edition and translation of a thirteenth century romance for the Medieval Academy of America. The review is forthcoming in the Academy’s journal, Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studiesvol. 97, no 4. 

Stephanie Insley Hershinow‘s new edition of Jane Austen’s Emma, published by W.W. Norton’s The Norton Library series, came out in April. She is currently working on an edition of Sense and Sensibility.  


Jennifer Caroccio Maldonado presented her paper “Graphic Latinx Childhood: Beyond the Black and White Binary as anti-Black Project” at the July 2022 Latinx Studies Association conference in South Bend, IN.


The winners of the 2021-22 teaching awards in the English department were honored at the end-of-year celebration on May 25:

The three Barbara Reich Gluck Teaching Excellence Awards went to Eva Freeman, Armando Mastrogiovanni, and Brooke Schreiber.

The Ellen Lask Excellence in Teaching Award went to Carol Rial.

The Graduate Teaching Fellow Award for Teaching Excellence went to Zachary Muhlbauer.

Alumna Daphne Palasi Adreades (English and Psychology ’15) was the keynote speaker at Convocation on August 23, and her acclaimed debut novel, Brown Girls, is this year’s First-Year Text.

Christina Christoforatou was elected to the governing board of the Byzantine Studies Association of North America for a four-year term. She was also appointed co-chair of Graduate Student Programming for the BSC-Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture after completing a two-year term as member of the Programming Committee for the International Congress on Medieval Studies

Stephanie Insley Hershinow is a Transformative Learning in the Humanities faculty fellow for 2022-23.

English major Brianna Hobson won first prize in the 2022 “What is Home?” Contest for her essay “Gangster’s Paradise.”

Brianna Hobson reads from her prize-winning essay at a celebration on May 24. Photo: Safia Jama

Sean O’Toole was promoted to the rank of Professor in August.

Congratulations, everyone!

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