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Journal #3

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In order to complete the community service project, it took more than just a group effort. The community service project encouraged us to use all the resources and help available to all Baruch students. Cooperation in the group is crucial, but various resources in Baruch College were also very important. Having the study rooms in the library provided a quiet place for our group to meet up, plan, discuss, and put together the PowerPoint and proposal forms together. Knowing that these study rooms exist, we would be able to use them in the future for group projects and to study together for midterms and finals.

Understanding the goals of community service reminded me of the importance of giving back and made me realize how many people in the community need our help and need our support. It reminds me of how privileged we are as honor students at Baruch College and how we need to help those who are not as privileged as us. This also makes have a stronger sense of responsibility and makes me feel obligated to help out the community.

In the next 3 years, I see myself as an active participant in the community. I plan to join VITA next year and help the poor file their taxes. I really wanted to join this club this year, but was unable to because of a planned vacation during the winter break. I also want to join TEAM Baruch and help other freshmen just like how Sam helps us. She was very helpful and gave a lot of useful advice such as telling us about the official ratings for professors, encouraging us not to give up in PUB, and also helped us in psychology by sending out her previous portfolio. I know that some peer mentors are not as helpful and active as she is and some of my friends are not receiving as much help. I want to participate in TEAM Baruch so that I could be a good peer mentor for future freshmen.

What does it mean to serve your community?

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What does it mean to serve your community?

As a Baruch Scholar, I have the responsibility to contribute to, give back, and improve our community. The Honors Program exists because of the generous contributions from people who give back and try to improve the community. Thus, as a Baruch Scholar, I should give back to the community to the best of my abilities.

This is related to the culture of service that the Honors Program promotes because we are encouraged to be active and participate in the community. We should not be people who sit back and relax, but people who should serve as role models for those who don’t understand why we have to give back to the community. We should be helping those in need not for money, but out of the goodness of our hearts. There are other things that are more important than money.

Giving back to the community by dedicating my time and effort to nonprofit organizations helps us learn from the experiences. As we try to help the community, we will also learn new skills or improve our existing skills. We will then be able to apply what we learned to our everyday lives and also pass on this knowledge so that other people can learn and spread the knowledge as well. Serving the community is a beautiful cycle in which everyone benefits from it.

Journal #1 – Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

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I’m an American-Born-Chinese who was raised in China by my grandparents until I was five years old. I grew up in a traditional Chinese culture, but I have been gradually assimilating to the American culture. After I returned to America, I have been living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn ever since. Although I live in Brooklyn, I frequently visit Chinatown and the rest of Manhattan because I enjoy the city a lot more during the daytime. I love the noise and excitement that fills the seemingly narrow streets of 34th street and Times Square. At night, however, I like to return home where there is some peace and quiet in Brooklyn.

Regarding my school life, I went to elementary and middle school in lower Manhattan. For many years, an overwhelming majority of my friends were Asians because I only stuck to Asian communities. When I left for high school at Brooklyn Tech, however, I started to open up and explore the great qualities of diversity. I made countless new friends and enjoyed learning from them and looking at this world from new perspectives. Although most of my friends didn’t come to Baruch with me, I continue to stay in touch with them and talk to them at least several times a week.

As a freshman at Baruch College, I have been encountering many difficulties with adjusting to the academic and social life. I am extremely concerned about keeping a good balance between my academic life and my social life. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of schoolwork as well as campus activities. I really want to have a chance to explore all the clubs and organizations before I make any decisions about which ones to join, but I have been spending more than half of my breaks eating lunch and then studying or doing homework. I believe that good time management will help me resolve my problems and I hope that I will be a successful college student as well as an active participant of campus life.

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