I’m Evgeniia (I know my name is a tongue-twister, so feel free to call me Eve).

I am a generalist with expertise in designing marketing and sales operations, developing an editorial content strategy, and building a brand’s community.

Why generalist? Because I can have holistic business conversations and look at the challenges from various perspectives.

My aspiration is to join a team of diverse and collaborative minds, contribute to the growth of the organization, and drive change that matters towards a more positive and equitable future.

I tend to see life through the lens of systems or stories?

This is the toughest question.

What makes me tick?
Creative ideas powered by a missioN, supported by data.

(Think: P&G’s “The Look”, Blackrock’s Sustainable Investment Initiative, Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket”, Adobe Youth Voices, Nike’s “Dream Crazy”, Mastercard’s “Priceless”… the list goes on.)

I love analyzing and synthesizing diverse data points, methodologies, and perspectives to power the development of ideas. I am also good at breaking epics into manageable tasks, building workflows, and working with multi-functional teams to execute the plans.

I am passionate about creating inclusive and supportive environments, where everyone can contribute to the conversation and decision-making process.

I am eager to learn from others. That’s why I read (kicked off the year with Mauro Guillen’s 2030), and network with professionals (engage in conversations on LinkedIn and juggle multiple leadership positions at Baruch student-led organizations).