y.bai1 on Sep 13th 2017

The resume was a kernel to the success of our career. And a decent resume basically was the first thing we ever need to before we set to step into the society or internship. But mean while it was a headache for many people in order to make theirs looks much more professional. Fortunately, there is a FREE program call starr career workshop provide resume review program for us and after I’ve attended I really thought it’s a good program. And I really recommend everyone should go there at least once before they graduate because you would never know how terrible your old resume is!

I went there with my resume on a Thursday afternoon, didn’t take me too long to wait for it. A teacher came, led me to a room and began the torturing. In order to help as many as students, the teacher only had 10 minutes to work with me. In the beginning, I still doubt that time is not enough, but his proficiency in editing resume convinced me that 10 minutes was sufficient. In the first minute or two, he skimmed my old resume very quietly and circle each problem I have ever made. And then he took out a sample of resume and taught me step-by-step how to make my resume more looks like the sample one. And later on, he also gave me some suggestions and feedbacks which also was deeply helpful to me. After all, this was a very nice experience, the teacher was patient and intelligent. And I think after I finish revising my old one I properly will go there again and give a polish to it.

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Join Group

q.rong on Sep 13th 2017

This is the informative meeting which is to introduce the club/group in Baruch. This is the IMG (Investment Management Group) in Baruch. Which is one of the biggest organization for Students and professionalisms in Baruch College to meet and communicate. There have been already a lot members appear on this speech, which of those are all stand on the right hand side of the corner. However, 30+ of them is just part of the group, there are 3 difference group of them; and for the next times are going to have the informative with about team of the Group of members.

Well, this is the group are intend to join and it is very comparative also. All those professionalisms dress formally, dress suit with tie and wear leather shoes. They look like a successful and influence people in the world; in real, they are very awesome and most of them have experiment in big company and some of them are currently a director of the films. I like the feeling of being successful and have the sense to be confidence. This is the group I intend to join to. In order to join and become the member of IMG, I need prepare a nice view and attractive resume. And also I need to improve my speaking and communication skill, in order to “win” in the interview section. It is very compThis image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.arative, BUT, WAIT A SECTOND, I LIKE CHANLLENGE!!!

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Academic Blog#1

i.shamsutdinova on Sep 13th 2017


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

   On September 12, 2017 at 1:00 pm I visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was my first time at The Met Museum. I never knew that they had so many art work and collection from all over the world. The Museum’s collection of art work includes approximately five thousand examples from six continents and the Pacific Islands, dating from about 300 B.C. to the present. It illustrates the development of art work from all cultures and eras. It great place to visited and learn many cultures from ancient times.

The purpose of choosing  this activity is because I got an assignment from my Latin America teacher to look at sculpture from Pre-Columbia Art work and describe it not knowing what it says. I have chosen a sculpture of Chahk from 9th century . It came from Mexico during the period of Maya. The Maya rain deity, Chahk, stands as a personification of rain and storms. Chalk is shown here with open mouth and pronounced checks, as if he were shouting or threatening. The two holes in the axe would have been filled with blades of stone, perhaps greenstone or obsidian. I have chosen this sculpture to write about in my first paper.

Art gives us an experience like nothing else can, a chance to connect, understand, and explore perceptions, feelings, and innovative thoughts. It also a place to relax and learn. Museums provide a space for reflection, experimentation, inspiration, creativity, enjoyment and allow for authentic learning experiences and play. It great place to get educated just by looking at painting, sculpture and many other things to learn about the history. When I first arrived to the Met Museum I never though that it would be huge with so many art works. I definitely will go back to the museum and learn more cultures.


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Blog Post #1

y.lee18 on Sep 13th 2017

This week, I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my friend to take advantage of being a Baruch student as well as to complete my assignments. Attending a museum was required for my Freshman seminar class as well as my Latino Studies class. For my Latino Studies assignment, I was required to take a picture of any artifact dating back to the pre columbian era.

When I first found out that I had Latino Studies for this semester, I was very stressed out because I was uninterested and was unknowledgeable in this subject. During the first two weeks, I was felt aloof from the class. When I got to the museum, I planned to just find any artifact and leave after taking one picture; however, after seeing the many various pre columbian art and artifact, I became fascinated. The physical beauty and art as well as the story behind them captivated my interests and made me stop to thoroughly observe each piece and read about its history.

Through this trip to the Met, my perspective on the latin culture and the class I am enrolled in changed dramatically. Instead of complaining about the class, I am now able to enjoy the Latino culture and its history for the remaining of my first semester.

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Blog#1 Joining the e-sport club

j.huang42 on Sep 13th 2017

On September 7th, I decided to join a club in Baruch. So I went to the third floor to look for different clubs in Baruch, and I found out that there are a e-sport club in Baruch. The e-sport club is about online gaming and competition with other teams or school. Then, I found the room for the club, it is on the fourth floor room 180. When I entered the room, there were a lot of people and there is no seat for me, so I stood there the entire time.

People in the room are talking about gaming experiences, they were sharing their gaming skills or techniques for different games. As we were discussing, the club leader offered drinks and snack for us. The club meeting was very fun even though it was so crowed. The meeting was an good experience to me, because I met new friends there, and we were playing the same game, so we had a lot to talk/discuss. Overall, it was worth it to spend time on the meeting.

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Blog Post#1: Resume Review

d.zhang4 on Sep 13th 2017

     Most job require a resume, to see what you had done before. At the beginning, I thought my resume were perfect, because I used my resume to get a job when I were a freshman in high school. In addition, my friends also said that I wrote a good resume. Well, everything didn’t turned out perfectly when I got to college. During my first semester at Baruch, I decide to go to starr center for my resume review.

     On September 7th,2017, I’m nervous because I have to get my resume review. When I first walked in to the starr center, an advisor there asked me that if he can helps me. I said “I need to get my resume review”. Afterward, advisor told me to sign the sign in sheet, and wait on line. Finally, the lady called my in to her office. First of all, she asked me why I want to get my resume review. I said that I want to develop my resume. Next, she took a look at my resume. She crossed out almost everything in my resume. Afterward, she gave me some examples, I take a look at it. I figured that my resume is not specific enough. After I finished reviewing my resume with her, I went to the library building. Finally, I start to change my resume right away. Therefore, this experience let me know that what I need to improve.

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k.chen22 on Sep 13th 2017

I went to VSA for their general interest meeting on Thursday a certain week in September. And VSA is acronym for the Vietnamese student association, and what they do is they use club funding to buy free food to lure people to go to their club. They had like Vietnamese sandwiches called bahn ni, if I remember correctly as well as spring rolls, all these baits for people to be hooked on. Jokes aside what they actually do is they talk about Vietnamese culture and food.

I recommend this club to people who wants free food and who are interested in Vietnam. While it does says Vietnamese student association, not many people in the club are actually Vietnamese I think, mostly just Asians. So to conclude it’d you want free food or are interested in Vietnam you should join this club.

And like this is a pic where the group took since I forgot to take a picture i’m using this one

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

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Journey to UCLA

j.huang30 on Sep 12th 2017

Throughout the entire week and weekend, I was thinking what should I post in the blog post but the fact that I have no idea what I am going to post. One day, my friend introduced me to the UCLA Chinese Learning Program#1 and we plan to attend to this workshop together. When we went into the room, there was a presentation going on. The room was crowded so we went to the back of the room because there were no seats left.

Presenters were trying to teach everyone about Chinese culture and language. I see the presenters trying to teach people about moon-cake. Presenters also teach us how to pronounce the words in Chinese. For example, the word moon-cake is pronounce “yue bing” in Chinese. After that, they had some riddles for us to solve and the riddles were very interesting. Some riddles were easy and some were hard. Overall, I had an awesome experience after attending this workshop.

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Canceled Class: Went to The MET

a.chu6 on Sep 12th 2017

Last week on Tuesday, one of my classes was canceled. My friends and I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to spend the extra time that we had. We went to the museum by train and it was very humid inside the train station. I remembered that I was sweating a lot and it was very crowded in the train. When we were in the museum, we had one complication. It was the ticket procedure. We initially thought that the museum was free to students but we were wrong. We had to give money to the museum for donation even if we were students. However the complications did not end there because we didn’t know how much to pay since we can give as much as we wanted. We didn’t want to pay too little or too much. Then one of my friends decided that she would pay 10 dollars for all of us and we would pay her back later.

The purpose of this trip was to bring back some information and material for one of the papers that all three of us had to do. When we went inside the Latin America Expedition, we were all working together to see which artifact would be best to write a 2-page paper. For example one of my friends suggested a artifact that I could write a lot on and she expanded on how I could write about it. Another example is that we weren’t afraid to speak up on what artifact would be a good idea and why we think that. We were helpful to one another and we became closer because of that.

I feel that this trip helped me in the first semester in Baruch because I learned great skills to work in a group. Although we had difficulties, we worked through the process. This trip also assisted me to learn many qualities to be a leader by looking at how my friend suggested on paying for all three of us while we were still contemplating on how we should pay. However this trip was most helpful in bringing good material to the 2-page paper that we all have to do.

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Visiting the Metropolitan Museum

w.wu12 on Sep 12th 2017

Last Sunday, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my friend. It’s my second time to be there. I choose the Met so that I can explore some cultural artifacts not also for this blog but also for my Latin class.

When we first step in, we could see a lot of sculptures, which were created by Greek and Roman sculptors. And then we were looking for some cultural artifacts from pre-Colombia Era. Because I am also taking the Latino study, which makes me be more interested in the cultural artifacts at that period. The most impressed thing is there are so many gold pendants from pre-Columbian America. Some of them are very small and exquisite, which made me surprised at the intelligent of the ancient artisans. And then, we kept going to the room of modern and contemporary art. The Imperial Napoleonic objects are luxurious and pretty. When we looked at those objects, we can really feel how the people lived at that time.

After this trip, I think I have learned some knowledge about the arts of Greek and Roma, the Americas, and modern times. Especially, it’s useful for me to learn about the Latin American history. I can use this chance to observe the arts of the South America carefully, which is used for my academic paper. When I was enjoying the exhibition, I also took some notes on my notebook. As a result, I know that I improve my ability of appreciating after this trip. What’s more, because of this trip, I can learn about more different cultures from different countries, which is useful for me to  expand my view. In short, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a good place to visit. I hope that next time I can find out something new and interesting.

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