Blog post #3

j.huang30 on Nov 15th 2017

On Tuesday, my friend and I went to a meeting call strategic Planning. This meeting was very interesting because unlike other meetings, this meet talks about Baruch’s future in the next 5 years. People in the meeting discuss what should we do in order to make Baruch better.  Some one in the meeting say we should get more leaderships helping the students and another person say we should fix the bathrooms so when visitor came to visit, this will make us look nice. There are many other good ideas about improving Baruch and I personally think all ideas are not bad. Overall, I had a very good experience by coming to this meeting and I could discuss and learn more things from others by discussing with them.

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r.wang7 on Nov 15th 2017

On October 26th, 2017, I attended a resume workshop that teaches us about how to write a well and neat resume. The man showed us two different types of resume, one counts as a perfect, and another counts as horrible. Specifically in no directly copy and paste from the job description, larger font to our name, grammars, details, and must have one page with word or pdf form. They also teach how to do well and prepare for an interview and their own experiences. From prepare: research the company, read their articles, and prepare your own experiences and stories.  Overall, I get a lot of tips and new knowledge.

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Communiy meeting Yimo

y.bai1 on Nov 15th 2017

Recently, I have attended a community board meeting which was a very fresh experience to me and I thought it’s necessary for a resident to know some political affair about the living community. The meeting was held at the Union Plaza Care Center located at 33-23 Union Street, in Flushing. The conference room was spacious and solemn, in the middle of room, there were around 50 unsalaried board members who come from various classes and working backgrounds. During the meeting, they talked about many recent community project and plan. Overall, this was a very interesting experience, so I think in the future I will also engage more political action because this is not only is a method for me to know more dynamic information about my community, but also is a way to help construct a better community and improve our quality of life.

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q.rong on Nov 15th 2017

Tige schedule is all around the city.
I think it is time to
Step away and
Take a break.
Visit the museum is nothing but to
fulfill our meaning of life
— the liberal world is the only peaceful place for
Slowing down from hurry.

The time at visiting the Met museum was the best time in my life.
(I would not tell you that my favored museum is MOAM, i visited MOAM every semester when i was in high school)

However, it doesn’t matter where you go, the main point is that you can maximum your personal utility when you visit someting that can fillfull yourself.
Remeber there are a gourp of people take good care of those piece which there are remarkable in part of the history.
(please, note how much I did donated)This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

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Blog Post #3

y.lee18 on Nov 15th 2017

I attended the general interest meeting for marketing club during club fair. Here they talked about various things that can aid you during your career path. Members discussed their experiences with their career choice such as interning over the summer. Through their internship, they learned the importance of networking and how to behave in a working environment. They shared their learnings with us. They gave advice and shared their experience so that we are more aware of what choices to make and what opportunities that we have for us. In this meeting, I learned many things about what this club and what this major  provides for us. They taught us what types of jobs are connected with this field and big corporations that we might be interested in as marketing majors. Although I am an accounting major, this meeting was very informative and will help me later on in my career.

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Starr Career Development Center

y.huang19 on Nov 15th 2017

After becoming a college student, internships are getting closer to us as well. When the company looks at my resume, they wouldn’t want me if there are errors in it. So I took the hard copy of my resume and I went to the Starr Career Development Center. The person pointed out some points I need to change such as the school in education part. He told me to join some clubs and they would help me to develop communication skills and some other skills as well. After the meeting, I started to think about what kind of activities I can join; I am interested in study aboard, so I would like to add that on my resume if I will be qualified in the future. Even this meeting was short, he inspired me to get involved in areas that I am interested about and encouraged me to try more new things. Overall, the person who edited my resume gave me some good advice, and he was patient and nice. I would like to go to the Starr Career Development Center when I have questions and need help.

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Blog #3 Career

i.shamsutdinova on Nov 15th 2017

Major and Minor Fair

On November 9, 2017 I went to the Major and Minor fair that was located in first floor. I went with Aida, Grace and Mir. First, me and Grace went to Art table and nice lady (don’t know her name). She talked about “New Media Arts Undergraduate Minor” so basically for your minor you study Art history. I asked her if we can draw and paint and she said they don’t do that which got me upset. I would of like if we paint and draw. Then me and Grace saw our advisor Peter who said to us have we choice our major and what your plan for next three semester. We have to email him our plan and see what classes to take for next few semester. Major and Minor Fair had a lot to offer and you can choice based on your interest. For example they had Marketing and I would like to Major in International Marketing. International marketing is the application ofmarketing principles in more than one country, by companies overseas or across national borders. International marketing is based on an extension of a company’s local marketing strategy, with special attention paid to marketing identification, targeting, and decisions internationally. It interested me to travel the world and see other countries working on their Marketing.

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j.wei5 on Nov 15th 2017

On Nov 10, I went with my friend to learn about cover letter. At first I thought its just like a regular letter you mail. But it was way different. I learn that some jobs require cover letters. Even if the job doesn’t require one, its always better to send one with your resume. Showing you are more ready then other to take the job. 

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Cover letter Workshop.

k.chen22 on Nov 15th 2017

So i went to this workshop for cover letters, on November 10 or something, and i went cause i had to. When i first went in people had to line up and check in on the computer, then everyone sat down. The instructor of this workshop, was rather scary, and in the beginning she crushed my dreams. She told the room, if anyone that comes to the room, and is not planning on staying for the full two hours will not get credit. Then more than had the people in the room left, which was pretty nice since it was overcrowded, thus making more space for everyone else. Then she was like shes going to contact the seminars that they were in, to tell the instructors that they did not stay the whole time, thus crushing my dreams of leaving after a few minutes.

Overall, i learned so new stuff in this workshop like what is the importance of cover letters, and how it is supposed to be formatted, so it was pretty interesting, but it was way too long.

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Starr Career Development Center

x.chen36 on Nov 15th 2017

I went to the Starr Career Development Center on Tuesday November 14 for upgrading resume. The people there were nice and asked me some questions about my exceptions of future and career. They also give me some advices and suggestions about it. The meeting does not take too long, everything is straight forward. I think this meeting is very needed and helped me with my future career because they help me improve my resume and let people know better about my past. The things that I have been done at high school and some activities that I attended on free times.This is a great opportunity for me as a student that does not have any experience of working and on careers, it lets me get to know better about what the things are like when you graduate and the kind of people that the companies need. This meeting reminds me that I really have to be prepare for what will going to happen in a few years.

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