Blog Post#1: Resume Review

d.zhang4 on Sep 13th 2017

     Most job require a resume, to see what you had done before. At the beginning, I thought my resume were perfect, because I used my resume to get a job when I were a freshman in high school. In addition, my friends also said that I wrote a good resume. Well, everything didn’t turned out perfectly when I got to college. During my first semester at Baruch, I decide to go to starr center for my resume review.

     On September 7th,2017, I’m nervous because I have to get my resume review. When I first walked in to the starr center, an advisor there asked me that if he can helps me. I said “I need to get my resume review”. Afterward, advisor told me to sign the sign in sheet, and wait on line. Finally, the lady called my in to her office. First of all, she asked me why I want to get my resume review. I said that I want to develop my resume. Next, she took a look at my resume. She crossed out almost everything in my resume. Afterward, she gave me some examples, I take a look at it. I figured that my resume is not specific enough. After I finished reviewing my resume with her, I went to the library building. Finally, I start to change my resume right away. Therefore, this experience let me know that what I need to improve.

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