Surrogacy in India

Rent-a-womb: Outsourcing Surrogacy in India

This is a fascinating video about how far some women would go to make ends meet. Women in India are renting their wombs to western women who can’t bear children. These Indian women are inserted with embryos, which they carry full term under contract and get paid for up to $7000, which is five times less than they would pay back home.

This industry is a huge one in India as many poor women are turning to it for the money. I am not mad at these westerners who would go to great extenses to have children, but I feel bad for the surrogate women. I don’t think they know what they are exposing themselves to. I don’t think the need of money should drive women to rent their wombs, I think it’s just a immoral thing to do, eventhough it gives infirtile women a chance to
become mothers. I think that everything happens for a reason, so if God decides that a woman shouldn’t have children, then I don’t think they should force it. These women should consider adoption before they decide to rent other women’s wombs. This is science and medicine gone too far.

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