The Problems, Questions and Ethical Issues of Surrogacy

In this article,  various ethical questions and problems with surrogate motherhood are defined.  The main audience of the article is geared for people planning of using a surrogate.  It states how in certain states in the United States, surrogacy is even illegal.  In most states that allow it, there is a lot of red tape and a long complicated process to follow.  Some require legal contracts to be drawn up between the couple and the surrogate mother.  Part of the contract benefits that the baby will be of good health  These contracts can be breached by the surrogate mother smoking, drinking or abusing drugs.

The ethical questions yet still remain for surrogacy.  As the article states, some people find it immoral and feel that surrogates exploit couples for money.  Some even see it the other way around, as most surrogates are in dire times and are desperate for money hence their decision.

The biggest ethical problem faced is the sudden change of heart that some surrogate may have, especially once the baby is born.  There is always a chance that the surrogate mother might win her case and keep her baby. A question arises when thinking about this circumstance.  Are contracts for surrogate motherhood flawed because of the unpredictability of  emotional responses towards the birth of the baby?  Similarly to the process of adoption and how women sometimes feel a change of heart; are women unable to realize beforehand how attached they may become to the baby and how they will feel giving it up?  Is there any evidence to this?  I feel there should be a mental evaluation and history check for every woman entering surrogacy.  Although, is it fair to say that women are always really prepared to consent to something as drastic as giving up her child?

"Am I really sure of what I'm doing?"

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