Freeman-ASIA Awards Baruch Winners

2020 Freeman-ASIA Winners

Jenny Liu

Jenny Liu, Freeman ASIA to Singapore

Joel Delacruz

Joel Delacruz, Freeman ASIA to Japan

Victor Deng

Victor Deng, Freeman ASIA to Japan

















Not Pictured – Oliviae Odunaike, Freeman-ASIA to Thailand


2019 Freeman-ASIA Winners

Danqing Hua

Danqing Hua, Freeman ASIA to Japan

Sally Xie

Sally Xie, Freeman ASIA to Japan









Not Pictured – Charlotte Kim, Freeman-ASIA to Hong Kong


2018 Freeman-ASIA Winners

Vivian Chen, Freeman-ASIA to Taiwan

Joyce Yu, Freeman-ASIA to Japan

Francesca Adamski, Freeman-ASIA to Japan

Natalie Chu, Freeman-ASIA to Japan


Michelle Wu, Freeman-ASIA to Japan

Not Pictured – Julia Zeng, Freeman-ASIA to Japan


2017 Freeman-ASIA Winner

Gui Ming Jiang, Freeman-ASIA to Hong Kong


2016 Freeman-ASIA Winners

Sok Cheng, Freeman-ASIA to South Korea

Serena Zou, Freeman-ASIA to South Korea

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