EShip Spotlight: Dreamit Ventures

logoWhen France native Charlene Scavetta came to New York City to attend Baruch College a little over four years ago, she knew she wanted to study business, but wasn’t sure what specific area.   A frequent visitor to New York, Scavetta discovered Baruch College through French connections she had living in the city.  While initially undecided  about her major, Scavetta says that “as soon as I saw that Baruch was offering the Entrepreneurship program, I knew directly that was what I wanted to do.”

After graduating in February 2012 with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship, Scavetta stayed in touch with Monica Dean, her former professor and the Administrative Director of the Field Center for Entrepreneurship.  “She asked me if I was interested [in] having an internship with an incubator,” Scavetta reflects, “specifically DreamIt, so I [said] of course!  I met with Monica Dean and professor Ulas Neftci, and through them I got accepted to the DreamIt internship.”

Scavetta then spent the summer months working as the communications and marketing intern at Weesh (, a start-up company incubating at DreamIt that created an social iPhone app for couples.  “I got to work with one of the co-founders, Karin Levi.  I was responsible for the marketing parts…the social media and also the communication.  I had to reach out to press agencies…I also had to promote the app to various blogs and websites.”

“The internship at DreamIt…gave me the full experience of [what it’s like] to be a young and ambitious entrepreneur,” Scavetta says.  “It allowed me to see, as an entrepreneur, which steps it takes to go from an idea to finally realize it as a business.”

Video/Article by Marisa Bramwell
MBA Candidate, Field Center Communications Manager